Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins offevolved with Rajesh serving dinner to own circle of relatives and asking Happu to strive her unique bharva sour gourd dish. He says she ought to have crammed some thing in sour gourd. Amma asks him to strive because it certainly tasty. Happu complains that his colleague’s spouse works in a enterprise as a supervisor and took complete own circle of relatives on excursion thru flight, however Rajesh simply lazes around. Malaika and Kat warn him to look at his phrases as mummy works certainly difficult complete day. Other youngsters and amma additionally warn him to forestall disrespecting Rajesh. Rajesh says cooking and residence cleansing also can be completed with the aid of using a maid, however every person can’t do workplace paintings. Rajesh receives unhappy listening to that. Children and Amma warn Happu to make an apology Rajesh, however he walks away fuming. Rajesh asks Amma if even she desires to complain. Amma says no. Rajesh cries at the same time as cleansing dishes in kitchen. Amma walks to her. Rajesh asks if she desires to scold her. Amma says she works certainly difficult and serves own circle of relatives all of the time. Rajesh says she loves serving own circle of relatives and her responsibility is to preserve them happy. Amma says even Rajesh ought to consider her personal happiness and consoles her.

At night, throughout a each day consuming session, Happu asks Benu why he doesn’t name him now a days. Beni says in his enterprise, he has turn out to be a liar, briber, lazy, etc., like him. Happu says he changed into joking and asks if he’s having an affair with a girl aside from Vimlesh. Beni says he isn’t always a leech like him and loves simplest Vimlesh. Happu reminds him of his affair with a nurse and says he receives excited seeing nurses. Rajesh hears their conversation. Beni says if Rajesh hears that, she can be able to beat him into pulp. Happu laughs and says he changed into joking.

Next morning, Amma with Rajesh visits doctor’s health facility and says Happu has taken a incorrect direction and that they want his assist to get him lower back on track. Doctor in his common fashion talks approximately funeral and deaths. Amma warns him to close his mouth and indicates to lease Rajesh as a nurse in his health facility. He denies. She warns him that she can be able to twist lemon into his eyes if he doesn’t agree. He consents. She blesses him and leaves. Happu returns domestic and sees Ranbir incurring a leg fracture and Rajesh bandaging his leg. Rajesh says she has labored as a nurse earlier than and is aware of what she is doing. Doctor enters and after an extended drama says Rajesh did proper and acted like a certified nurse, so he wishes her to paintings in his health facility as a nurse. Rajesh consents at the same time as Happu receives jealous and attempts to forestall her in vain.

Kat returns domestic with Kamlesh after buying and complains that he’s turning into too greedy. Kamlesh says she is his simplest buddy and every time he attempts to make new friends, they run away. Kat says his face is like that, so all of us might run away. Their nok jhok begins offevolved.

Precap: No precap.


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