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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved Ranbir, Hrithik, and Chamchi noticing Beni’s purchaser stealing from Beni’s residence and walking away. They alert everyone. Beni walks out and asks what happened. They say his purchaser stole some thing from his residence. Vimlesh walks to them crying and informs that thief took away her diamond necklace and digital items. Amma walks to them and says her gold chain and bangles are missing. Rajesh says thief stole everything. Happu joins them and scolds Beni for helping a thief. Children inspired with the aid of using thief’s act say he taught them that he received loads together along with his intelligence and difficult paintings and that they must additionally begin stealing.

Commissioner disguised as a goon catches Kamlesh again. Kamlesh receives tensed seeing him. Commissioner says he’s going to homicide him as she noticed him murdering a person. Kamlesh says he’s going to now no longer tell absolutely everyone and pleads to spare him. Commissioner threatens now no longer to otherwise he’s going to stab him, slaps him again and again and walks away. Kamlesh reaches Kat’s room through window as normal and begins offevolved his jokergiri. She asks what happened. He informs her that he noticed a person murdering any other man. She shows him to report a police complaint. He says he’s going to pass domestic and determine and runs away. Malaika enters and Kamlesh is fearful of telling truth. Kat says Kamlesh will. Malaika says Kamlesh looks as if a fraud and untrustable.

Next morning, Happu receives crushed seeing children studying. Kids say they must look at to break out mummy’s punishment. A CID inspector walks to them and asks who’s Happu Singh. Kids factor at him. Inspector says he got here to arrest Happu for stealing and suggests them video of Happu converting his garments after stealing from Beni’s residence. Kids asks why did he scouse borrow from his pleasant friend’s residence. Inspector threatens to arrest Happu. Amma joins them and he suggests her video. Amma says Happu turned into appearing to educate Happu a lesson. Happu backs her and says children had been happening a incorrect path, so he deliberate this drama to educate the a lesson. Kids say that is the rate of honesty. Inspector doesn’t pay attention to Happu’s plea and arrests him. Kids say they’ll go through if they’re honest, so they’ll stroll on a incorrect path.

Beni with Vimlesh returns from temple. Rajesh informs them approximately CID inspector arresting Happu and relaxation of story. Beni says she must have defined inspector. She says all of them did, however he didn’t pay attention. He says its tough to combat with CIDs. Vimlesh says Beni is a depraved attorney and could do some thing. Beni assures Rajesh to devise some thing and bail out Happu. He then meets Manohar and explains him complete story. Manohar receives satisfied listening to that. Beni asks him to provide fake proof that he and Happu had been appearing undercover operation at Jamnabai’s kotha. Manohar says he can sacrifice something for Happu. At domestic, Rajesh cries concerned for Happu. Vimlesh and Amma console her. Dadaji scolds Amma for Happu’s mistake. Amma blames him for giving her a incorrect idea. Their drama continues..

Precap: No precap.


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