Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Amma wondering her Happu is a flirt and thinks his father has in no way executed such thing. Dada ji comes and calls her Kattu Bai, and greets her. She scolds him. Dada ji tells dancers got here there and he has to observe his head. Amma asks honestly and tells that Happu has an affair and had a son too. Dada ji says this can’t happen. Amma says even you had an affair earlier than marriage and asks what become her call? He says Upasana and praises her beauty. He tells that Upasana is lifeless and got here up together along with her husband. He says he didn’t examine her. Amma thinks she has to head up, to maintain eye on Dada ji. Beni comes there and asks Rajjo to make meals for him fast. Rajjo scolds him and tells him approximately Sulochana’s son. Beni says I become now no longer privy to this and asks her now no longer to scold him, and swears on Vimlesh. Rajjo asks him now no longer to take her sister’s call and asks him to head.

Happu comes domestic and asks Amma if she didn’t sleep. Amma says the son whose is having nine youngsters and 1 extra arrived, how can his mom sleep. Happu says that boy isn’t always mine. Rajjo asks if that boy got here in this earth because the God stated tathastu. They see Chappu coming there sporting Police uniform and asks them to offer the bribe. Amma says he’s reproduction of Happu. Happu asks why is he sporting the Police uniform? Chappu says you had given me this and desired me to take bribe like you. Rajjo scolds Happu. Happu attempts to protect himself. Chappu tells Happu that he was well mannered with Sulochana and asks why is he shouting at badi mummy. Rajjo cries and is going inside. Ammu hugs Chappu.

Kat informs Kamlesh approximately Happu having the tenth infant Chappu. Kamlesh says Happu ka Chappu. Kat says she is unhappy and asks him to convey wine for him. Kamlesh says we each will move there and drink. Kat sits on his bike. Chappu comes there and scolds Kamlesh. He orders Kamlesh now no longer to satisfy Kat. Kat asks who’re you to reserve him? Chappu says I can’t assist you to go along with him, who’s imparting to offer wine to you. Kamlesh asks him to head. Chappu indicates the video and threatens to reveal the video to family. Kat says you’re blackmailing us. Chappu asks him to head and tells Kat that small get dressed seems awful on you. He asks her now no longer to face at the window. Kat says I will stand daily. He indicates his mobile. Kat is going.

Beni tells Happu that he got here to realize the entirety something he did with Sulochana in ghuya ke khet. He asks Happu to head. Happu tells that he’s innocent. Beni asks him to head and says I am now no longer slapping you, after which receives angry. Happu runs. Manohar greets Happu withinside the PS. He then tells the poetry at the men and women who’s having an additional marital affair. Happu asks what nonsense?

Manohar says Beni advised me the entirety approximately Sulochana’s infant. Happu says a person is trapping me. Beni says humans are pronouncing which you have ruined Rajesh Bhabhi’s lifestyles and says your person is loose. Happu says I didn’t meet her for the reason that 15 years and asks him to discover approximately her. He describes approximately Sulochana. Manohar says you’re a flirt. Resham Pal comes there and asks Happu if he has stepni in his lifestyles. Happu says no. Resham Pal says your tyre can be punctured. He receives his wife’s name and is going. Happu asks Manohar to look Sulochana and says I need her. Manohar says he’s going to in no way mend his ways.

Rajjo seems at Chappu and sees Happu’s pic. She says you aren’t his son through your face. Ranbir comes there making a song song. Chamchi says their dependancy matches. Chappu says no problem, I regard you as my mom and regards Dadi as my Dadi. Dadi says I regard you as my grand son. Rajjo says he isn’t always my son. Dadi says that’s why he’s handsome. Chappu asks them to easy his potty. They are surprised. Rajjo asks Chappu to easy his potty. Dadi is going asking Rajjo to do. Rajjo says I didn’t popular you and asks him to come, says your father will easy you. She takes him to bathroom.

The episode ends.


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