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Actress Riddhi Dogra is in discussion these days with her web series ‘The Married Woman’. The story of this series is based on the book of writer Manju Kapoor. During a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Riddhi said that the series is based on a love story between two married women.

How did you get the role and describe the character?

Atul ji’s Through Me was tested for this show. He approached me and I was also waiting for this kind of show for a long time. I wanted to show my Caliber people as an actor and I knew that I could do such a role.

How does your life match this character?

This character does not match my personal life at all. I am completely different from faith. The character of this show is from the 90s. I remember that the directors always used to remind me that I do not have to show your confidence, but to show a vulnable faith. Then I used to laugh a lot about this. That was the biggest challenge for me because there was no confidence in my eyes. While I am very cheerful and confident. Throughout the show, I always wondered why? Why? Why is faith like this?

You and your co-actress Monica have a kissing scene in the show. What was the feeling while shooting him?

That kissing scene was easy enough for me. I remember that we had done the entire scene of a night shoot and in the morning we shot that kissing scene and then the director said that the packup. Saying that we were going in the flow and in that kissing was a part. We had made complete preparations for every scene. It was a sensitive subject, so we have shown it with full sensitivity.

Any stories related to the set that you remember and you can tell?

Where can I tell you, where to start. I will talk about faith. Emotion of faith, feeling of faith, heart of faith, I understood so well that some people used to say to me, ‘You’re Little Bit Crazy’. I used to cry in a moment. I did not use glycerin in a single scene in the show. It was not that I did not have to apply glycerin. I said in the show that put glycerin on standby, but there was no need. Faith has cried in all the scenes in Married Woman. I used to jump whenever the scene was over. The director and the rest spoke, ‘Are you mad.’ As soon as the scene was over, I started humming on the set, and then my director used to say that now Antakshari has started.

Your and Monica’s surname is ‘Dogra’, is there any similarity between the two of you?

We are both very sensitive. Apart from this, there is no similarity between the two of us. While there is a question in the minds of many people that both of us are relative but we are not even connected to each other. As far as equality is concerned, we are both vocal about mental health. We are always talking about women’s humanitarian issues regarding women’s empowerment. We are both people living in the family. If you are working then you are working, otherwise you are at home. We are not much party loving people.

Relationships are shown in the show. How much do relationships matter to you?

Relationships are very important and Kovid-19 has taught us a lot more about it. For me, my friends and my family are very important. My parents and brothers have a relationship for me, which I always want to keep with me, no matter what happens. Some of your childhood friends are those who never change. I have a friend of 5 years who is still with me. There are some relationships that are beyond the range and relationships are a very important aspect of life.

Any changes that have happened in your personal life through the show?

As I said earlier, I am completely different from faith. I used to not only judge the faith, but also question it. I had such questions with the director as well. For me we are the majority of women of our country, for them I have a lot of respect in my heart. There are women of our country who drive home. She saves a lot, grows up her children. This is not an easy task. Despite this, they get to hear what you do? I believe that he should be respected for his work. I have some friends who have two children each, so I tell them how much you guys do. How much hard work and sacrifice. A general praise for men is not for women. People only remember on Women’s Day. But it seems to me that women every day, every moment, Are great This is what I used to feel when I was playing the role of faith. When I used to wear a sari everyday on the set, I was able to really understand many women.

What are your future projects and plans that you are working on?

We are going to shoot Asura 2 soon and we are going to have a few months in it because there is an outdoor shoot. There are some characters whose first outdoor shoot will run. Apart from this, there are many announcements to do which I cannot speak much about. Nowadays it has become so much that first the team speaks, only then we can speak. But I will definitely say cross your fingers. I am working too much and people should put more habit of watching me.


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