Hand Writing Of Netaji And Gumnami Baba Is Same, Says Expert Document Examiner Curt Baggett: Curt Baggett, one of the best handwriting experts in the world, initially agreed that the two letters of Netaji and Gumnami Baba were from the same person after seeing them separately. And he also explained that, unless suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the handwriting style of a person does not change until death. In that context, whether Netaji and Faizabad’s saint Bhagbanji or Gumnami Baba, are the same person or not, the mystery got a new dimension. Baggett ‘Bose’ (Bose) has promised to cooperate as much as possible even when called by the court even if he is infirm to solve the mystery. I want to testify from the presence.

Curt Baggett lives in Richardson, Texas, USA. A few days ago Swaraj Chakraborty, an expatriate Bengali engineer living in Ohio in America, went to him. He took a letter written by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose in 1934 and another letter was written by Gunnami Baba to the revolutionary Pavitramohan Roy in 1962. The purpose was to verify whether the two letters to Baggett were from the same person or not, which the FBI of America resorted to in various works. Curt repeatedly refers to ‘Bose’s sense of nationalism. He addressed Netaji as ‘Bose’. In fact, Kurt confirmed that the two handwritings were the same at a glance. Swarajbabu said, “He showed the tension of some writings. He also explained that the two letters of 1934 and 1962 had a similar tone. He also said that if there is no severe Parkinson’s disease, even if the hand trembles with age, the writing remains the same. Therefore, he has no objection to testifying in court. Swarajbabu said, “He referred to Subhash Chandra and said, ‘A great personality.’ And with a little pause, if I have to give physical evidence, I will. But age is increasing. (If I have to give physical testimony. I will. But I am getting old).

His nephew was also with Swarajbabu. Both were asked to write a sentence. Said, characteristic features. Curt’s identity is not limited to the American court. He is also recognized by the American Institute of Applied Sciences and the American Bureau of Document Examiners. He is recognized as one of the best handwriting experts in the world. The American government has taken his help in solving various complex problems before. Notably, Chandrachud Ghosh-Anuj Dhara also relied on Kurt’s opinion for ‘Mission Netaji’. They also did not let Kurt know the author of the two letters. Kurt, however, said in a 48-page study that the two people are one. In addition to scientific research, he also informed the psychological character. The character traits, and life path of the letter writer all came out. And surprisingly his life is almost entirely similar to that of Netaji. A few years later, a group of American forensic experts, including Curt, actually sealed that recognition.

One thing needs to be mentioned, Swarajbabu passed chemical engineering from Jadavpur University in 1971 and went to America in the eighties. Still, 14 years of Gumanami Baba’s bodyguards are left. American diaspora Kriti has not forgotten his Bengali roots, nor does he want to forget them. And there is a passion for Netaji like any other Bengali. Filled with that emotion, he ran from Ohio to Texas. Swarajbabu also did not believe in this ‘graphology’.


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