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AIADMK-BJP re-negotiate constituency allocation
AIADMK-BJP talks are underway again on the issue of allotment of seats in a private hotel in MRC, Chennai.

Q. On behalf of the AIADMK. B. Munusamy, Velumani, Thangamani and Vaithilingam are attending. State President L Murugan, Annamalai and Pon Radhakrishnan have participated on behalf of the BJP.

20:56 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Goods and services tax in February stood at Rs. 1,13,143 crore has been collected
The total goods and services tax in February 2021 will be Rs. 1,13,143 crore has been collected. Of this, the central goods and services tax is Rs. 21,092 crore and state goods and services tax Rs. 27,273 crore and the combined goods and services tax was Rs. 55,253 crore (including Rs. 24,382 crore from imports of goods) and Rs. 9,525 crore (including Rs. 660 crore from imports of goods)

20:54 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Both vaccines are very safe – Dr. Harshwardhan explains
Federal Health Minister Dr Harshwardhan has said that the two vaccines against goiter in India are very safe and accurate in terms of immunity.

20:51 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Negotiations with the DMK are going smoothly. திருமாவளவன்
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader Tol said talks on the division of the constituency with the DMK were going on smoothly. Thirumavalavan said.

19:50 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Our Chief Minister Vijayakand – L.K. Post on Sudesh Facebook

Our Chief Minister Vijayakand, on his Facebook page as the symbol of our symbol Murasu National Progressive Dravidar League Deputy Secretary L.K. Sudesh has posted.

Earlier, Q. on the Legislative General Election Coalition. B. Munusamy, Ministers. Velumani and Thangamani met Temujin leader Vijayakanth at his residence.

In this situation, the Facebook post of the party’s deputy secretary is gaining political significance.

19:45 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Individual contest in 234 constituencies- We Tamil Seeman announcement
Individual competition in 234 constituencies! 117 female candidates! 117 male candidates! That was announced by Naam Tamil Party coordinator Seeman.

On March 07, at the inaugural public meeting of 234 candidates on the same platform at the YMCA Stadium in Raiyapet, Chennai, he said that all vital relations will be mobilized as an uprising and revolution.

19:35 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Did Kavith cut the statue of Father Periyar in Urattanad? – கி. Veeramani condemned
Last night (28.2.2021) Dravidar Kazhagam leader Ki said that they had cowardly dressed in kavit and put their heads on the idol of Father Periyar in Urattanad. Veeramani condemned. Although saffron wearers in general are all mentally and emotionally affected, the real culprits are the police and the BJP. It is a great pity for the Tamil Nadu government which has joined the alliance – it will have to pay a heavy price! He also said.

19:31 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

You can apply till the 16th for postal voting
Chennai District Electoral Officer Prakash informed that persons above 80 years of age and persons with disabilities can apply for postal voting from 12th to 16th.

For the first time in the Bihar elections, postal voting was provided to both parties.

19:20 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Mutharajan condemned the fourth hike in the price of Rs
Communist Party of India (CPI) Tamil Nadu Secretary of State Muttarasan today condemned the fourth hike in the price of Rs.

Secretary of State Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has strongly condemned the government of Edappadi Palanisamy and the Tamil Nadu State Executive Committee for withdrawing the hike, saying that the central government was acting as a ruthless government that did not care about the rise in prices.

18:41 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Allocation of 2 constituencies to the Humanist People’s Party
The Humanitarian People’s Party has been allotted 2 constituencies in the DMK alliance. In addition, 3 seats have been allotted to the Indian Union Muslim League party.

18:26 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Kanyakumari Parliamentary By-Election: Optional petitions can be received from March 1 to 5.
In the run-up to the 2021 Kanyakumari by-elections, petitions will be received from Congressmen who wish to contest on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Congress Committee from March 1 to 5 at Sathyamoorthy Bhavan, Chennai.

18:23 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Rahul Gandhi pays homage to the late Vasantha Kumar Memorial
Former Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who has been campaigning in Tamil Nadu for the past two days, met students and fishermen in Kanyakumari today. He then visited the memorial of the late Vasantha Kumar, a former Lok Sabha member from Kanyakumari constituency and paid tributes. Later, Vasantha Kumar offered his condolences to the family.

17:48 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Tamil Studies Institute closed due to lack of funds – Stalin’s demand
Institute of Indian Tamil Studies at the University of Cologne, Germany closes due to lack of funds! There is a risk that the AIADMK government will close down due to negligence in announcing that it will give Rs 1.24 crore. DMK leader Mukha Stalin urged the central government to take immediate action.

17:45 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Election Commission restricts placement of ‘Stalin is coming’ banner
The Election Commission has imposed restrictions on the placement of the ‘Stalin is coming’ banner. The Election Commission has sent a letter in response to the DMK’s letter to the Election Commission regarding the placement of the advertisement banner. Permission must be obtained from the District Electoral Officer to place an advertising banner in stores. The area district officer will decide on the placement of the advertising banner. The Election Commission will monitor the expenses related to the placement of the advertising banner. ”

17:38 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

The 2nd phase of talks between DMK and Mamaka has started
The Humanitarian People’s Party (HPP) has started the second phase of talks with the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) on the issue of constituency sharing with a committee headed by DMK treasurer DR Palu at Anna Arivalayam.

17:37 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Application forms will be given to the superintendent only till next Wednesday
Applicants seeking the opportunity to contest on behalf of the AIADMK will be given application forms only on Wednesday, 03-03-2021. All application forms must be completed and returned by 5 pm on the same day. The AIADMK leadership has announced that the deadline will not be extended for any reason.

17:32 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Phase 2 talks with Indian Union Muslim League, Humanitarian People’s Party
The 2nd round of talks with the Indian Union Muslim League and the Humanitarian People’s Party is taking place at Anna Arivalayam. Yesterday, the first round of talks ended and the second round of talks has now begun. IUML Khader Moidin and Abu Bakar have participated on behalf. Jawaharlal Nehru and Abdul Samad have participated on behalf of the Humanitarian People’s Party.

17:19 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

DGP Rajesh Das sex case: Chennai High Court will directly monitor
Chennai High Court has announced that DGP Rajesh Das’ sex case will be directly monitored

16:48 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

AIADMK petitions will be received only till March 3 – AIADMK leadership announcement
AIADMK had already been given till March 5 to file option petitions. Following the announcement of the election date, the deadline has been reduced. AIADMK leadership has announced that petitions will be received only till 5 pm on the 3rd.

16:29 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Can go over Rs. 50,000 with proper evidence – iCourt instruction
The Chennai High Court has advised that more than Rs 50,000 can be taken away by showing proper evidence. The High Court has also ordered that the Election Commission confiscate the money if the evidence is not shown.

16:26 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

This is the position of a female IPS officer … What is the status of ordinary female guards? – Judge question
In the case of DGP Rajesh Das’ complaint of sexual harassment of a female SP, the Chennai High Court has ordered that the CPCIT probe be conducted in the right angle. Also, if this is the position of a female IPS officer, what is the status of a normal female guard? The judge questioned. The court also advised that the matter should not be politicized.

15:59 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Announcement that Temujin candidate interview will be held from 6th to 8th March
The Temujin Leadership Association has announced that the interview for the Temujin candidate will be held from March 6 to 8.

15:36 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

My birthday message! – Video release of MK Stalin

DMK leader MK Stalin has posted a video of his birthday on his website today. In it, he said that a birthday should not be a celebration but should be useful to others.

15:31 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

MGR statue burnt by fire – AIADMK road blockade protest
The MGR statue at Kejalnayakkanpatti in Tirupati district suddenly caught fire. A firecracker exploded at a MGR statue wrapped in cloth when DMK workers from the area exploded in celebration of DMK leader Stalin’s birthday. So it is said that the statue suddenly caught fire.

15:25 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Republican Vice President Venkaiah Naidu vaccinated against corona in Chennai
Following Prime Minister Modi, Republican Vice President Venkaiah Naidu was also vaccinated against corona

15:23 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Dissatisfied with AIADMK … What are the remaining ‘opportunities’ for Demuthika?
AIADMK has agreed to allot 23 seats to its ally Bamaka in the forthcoming Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. Following that, AIADMK leaders told Temujin leader Vijayakanth that 12 to 15 constituencies would be allotted. Temujin is adamant that he should have at least 20 blocks. It is also ignoring the 3rd phase talks with the AIADMK.

The Equality People’s Party has announced that it will withdraw from the AIADMK alliance and form an alliance with the IJK, claiming that the AIADMK has not given due recognition. It is also in talks with the People’s Justice Center to form an alliance. So there is an expectation that Temujin will join the People’s Justice Center in this alliance.

14:37 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

I will announce a visionary plan for 10 years – Stalin
Stalin has said that he intends to announce a 10-year vision plan at the DMK meeting in Trichy.

14:29 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Police should not be involved in arbitrary inspections – Election Commission instruction
The Election Commission has issued important instructions to the guards working with the flying troops in the Assembly elections. It said, “Police should not be involved in arbitrary inspections. They should not use substandard words. They must be on duty in full uniform. Ensure that all incidents during the audit are videotaped. If there is a breach of law and order during the audit, the police must report to the nearest police station.” Should not. ”

14:12 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Rahul Gandhi dancing with students
Rahul Gandhi, who is in Tamil Nadu for the Legislative Assembly general election campaign, held discussions with Mulakumudu St. Joseph Matriculation students in Kanyakumari district. Then a student sings a song and dances with them.

13:51 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

The role of the BJP in Tamil Nadu politics is important – Tamil Nadu BJP leader L. Murugan
“There is no tug-of-war between the AIADMK and the BJP on the issue of allotment. It will be finalized in two days. And the role of the BJP in Tamil Nadu politics is important,” said Tamil Nadu BJP leader L Murugan.

13:39 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Cooking gas cylinder prices go up – Rahul Gandhi
The price of a cooking gas cylinder has gone up. Campaigner Rahul Gandhi has said that the federal government wants to shut down businesses and burn stoves.

13:22 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Order to conduct CPCIT inquiry into NEET exam answer sheet malpractice – High Court
The Chennai High Court has directed the CPCIT to conduct an inquiry into the NEET exam paper irregularities and to file an inquiry report within three months.

12:13 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Rajesh Das transferred to waiting list following sexual harassment complaint
Villupuram District CBCID ADSP Gomati has been appointed as the investigating officer to probe the alleged sexual harassment of a female IPS officer by former Special DGP Rajesh Das. Also, Rajesh Das has been transferred to the waiting list.

12:08 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Agriculture needs special focus – Modi
Prime Minister Modi has said in an online seminar on the federal budget that special attention needs to be paid to all sectors of agriculture.

11:43 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

People’s Justice Center intensifies the process of selecting candidates
Kamal Haasan said the People’s Justice Center was active in selecting candidates and the first list of candidates would be released on March 7. Also, Kamal Haasan has been involved in interviews with the petitioners. In addition, it is noteworthy that Sarathkumar had personally invited Kamal to join their alliance.

11:41 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Opportunity to allot 5 constituencies each to Madhimuga and Vizika in DMK alliance
The DMK consulted with two parties, Madhimuga and Vizika, regarding the division of the constituency. It has been reported that both the parties are likely to allot 5 constituencies each. The Indian Union Muslim League is set to sign an agreement with the Humanitarian People’s Party today. It has been reported that 2 constituencies will be allotted to each of the two parties. Also, the coalition plans to field some candidates to stand on the rising sun symbol.

11:38 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Case against Rajesh Das
The Chennai High Court has voluntarily taken up the case of Special DGP Rajesh Das. The Chennai High Court will issue an order in this case at 2.15 pm today. Judge Ananda Venkatesh questioned whether this was the case with the female police officer.

11:04 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

AIADMK Consultative Meeting
AIADMK today held a consultative meeting on the Assembly elections. At the AIADMK headquarters, senior executives will be consulted on the talks with the coalition parties in the presence of Edappadi Palanisamy and Panneer Selvam. Having held talks with Amit Shah yesterday, consultation has been arranged today.

11:02 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Rajinikanth congratulates DMK leader Stalin
Actor Rajinikanth has congratulated DMK leader Stalin on his birthday over the phone. Stalin also thanked those who wished him a happy birthday in the media and over the phone.

11:00 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

DMK general meeting on the 7th in Trichy
DMK leader Stalin has given an interview at the Anna Arivalayam in Chennai that a public meeting will be held on March 7 in Trichy and an ambitious declaration will be issued at that meeting.

10:19 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

The temperature in Tamil Nadu will be higher than normal
According to the Chennai Meteorological Department, the next two days will be hotter than normal in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry due to the lack of wind and learning from the north.

10:14 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Extension of GST account filing deadline
The Central Government has extended the deadline for filing GST accounts till the 31st of this month.

09:49 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

DMK leader Stalin’s birthday
DMK leader Stalin paid floral tributes at the Anna Karunanidhi Memorial on his birthday. Then DMK General Secretary Duraimurugan, Member of Parliament DR. Balu was accompanied by a number of executives, including Youth Secretary Udayanidhi Stalin.

09:46 (IST)
01 Mar 2021

Kamal Haasan’s birthday tweet to Stalin
DMK leader Kamal Haasan has congratulated DMK leader Stalin on his birthday and tweeted.


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