Hamariwali Good News

Hamariwali Good News 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Renuka/Meera reproving Mukund. He asks what befallen you. Navya looks on and goes to slap her. She gets stunned seeing Renuka. She cries. Renuka asks are you a relative of this man, I had called you seeing the advertisement in paper, this man is perilous, don’t have the foggiest idea about whose infant he got. Mukund asks what occurred. Navya requests that he handle Bharat, she will talk. She approaches Renuka. She says you have a little reasoning, you didn’t consider feelings, individuals who gave the advertisement are not our well wishers, they are chasing for us, didn’t you see trust in his eyes. Renuka sees Mukund reassuring Bharat. Navya says you saw the advertisement and went ahead an end. Renuka asks you mean he isn’t distraught. Navya says no, I m sorry for his sake, he expected you as his dead spouse, even I felt that you are mum, however Renuka could never slap him, sorry for the difficulty, we are leaving. She requests that Mukund accompany her. He requests that Renuka go along. Navya says her face matches Renuka, she isn’t Renuka, she could never hazard your and Bharat’s life, take a gander at me, please we need to leave, Bharat’s lifeis in harm’s way, kindly come. They leave.

Renuka feels sorry. Sumitra, Adi and Akki come there to see Mukund. They search for Mukund. Renuka proceeds to conceal Mukund and Navya. She considers Sheetal and says its me, Meera, we committed a major error, that man isn’t frantic. Sheetal says his family has come. Renuka says reveal to them that he has fled, make them leave soon. Sumitra goes to open the entryway. Navya says thanks to Renuka. Sheetal stops Sumitra. Adi asks did you discover her. Sheetal says manager called and said Mukund has fled from the primary door. Adi blows up. Sumitra says its demon to discover him. Adi says on the off chance that you learn anything about him, call us. Adi says I will proceed to check at the entryway, possibly we obtain some much needed education.

Sumitra says I feel Mukund is near. Renuka says they left. She calls Sheetal and asks did they leave. Sheetal says yes. Renuka drops Mukund and Navya halfway. Navya says thanks to her. She says we live close by, we will go. Mukund sees Renuka. Navya requests that he come. Naina… .plays… Renuka/Meera feels sorry. She stops them and says I m truly grieved, on the off chance that you need my assistance, I would be eager to assist. Mukund goes. Navya expresses gratitude toward Meera. She says Mukund was falling in a difficult situation, individuals who are after us are truly risky. Meera says I didn’t have any acquaintance with it. Navya says you look instructed, take a gander at this promotion, the words utilized, do you think any well wisher will print along these lines. Meera says indeed, the manner in which he embraced me and carried on with me, any distraught individual would do that, I was terrified. Navya says its alright, I m sorry for his benefit, he isn’t frantic, he is trying to claim ignorance, he can’t acknowledge that Renuka died, the one who came to discover him is his child, my ex, Renuka isn’t alive as a result of him. Meera asks what. Navya says that old story is his sister.

She tells everything. She says you helped us a ton, I need to exhortation you and caution you, your face can place you in some hot water, in the event that they see you, they will think you are Renuka, don’t have the foggiest idea what they do, avoid them, much obliged, fare thee well. Meera thinks about Navya’s words. She gets a call. She discovers that madam has come. The woman chides the staff. She embraces her child Ritvik. She says you are my solitary child, proprietor of 400 crores organization, take a gander at your garments, think about my regard in any event, wear great garments. Varun gets modest shirts for him. Devika blows up. Ritvik rationalizes. Meera comes and embraces her. She asks when did you come, I would have come to get you at the air terminal. Ritvik requests that they figure out their issues. He goes. Devika asks Meera for what good reason is she strained.

Precap: Meera gets stunned seeing Renuka’s pic. Mukund says I realized you can’t remain without Bharat, you will come here without a doubt.


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