Hamariwali Good News

Hamariwali Good News 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts offevolved with navya crying. Ritvik hugs her and pacifies her. He gets bharat to her. He says i will make both our children champions. They smile. Mukund sees meera dozing. He remembers her phrases. Teri nazar ne…. Plays… he thinks of their moments. He thinks i don’t love meera, however why am i stricken by her words. Its morning, devika says i have determined it, all of us will do yoga every day, its about akki and navya additionally, i need them to be fit and healthful. Meera says that’s nice. They all sit down and do yoga. Devika pampers navya. Navya continues the baby’s garments. Bharat cries. Ritvik attends him. Navya says feed him milk, he could be hungry. Ritvik looks after bharat. Meera looks after adi.

Ritvik says i will become desirable nanny. Mukund comes domestic. Meera asks him to come back and assist her. She asks mukund to preserve adi’s hand. Akki comes and says i will help. Mukund goes. Navya asks mukund to take a seat. He says i’ve a few paintings, i will simply come. He goes. Ritvik talks to mukund about enterprise. Mukund says you just spend time with navya, inform me approximately work, i will do. Ritvik says your shirt seems great. Mukund says meera made me wear this, she made me a current man and also made me study the usage of a computer. He smiles. Meera sees the stormy wind and issues. Ritvik says she modified you, you didn’t even realize, your and meera’s pairing is best, lovely couple.

Mukund says renuka used to mention the identical, that i appearance desirable when i put on exact clothes. Ritvik says how did renuka are available in among, did i say anything incorrect. Meera sees renuka’s percent falling. She eliminates it. Mukund comes and takes the %. He scolds her lots. Navya looks on. He says your questioning is so reasonably-priced, i m ashamed of you. Meera cries and goes. Mukund fixes back the percent frame. He sees the windy weather. He says what did i do, i advised her loads, maybe % turned into falling down and she took it, she might have felt so awful. Meera cries seeing the dolls. She says its time to stand the reality, i should overlook all the hopes and free mukund from all of the obligations. He appears for her. Mild is going off. Navya asks him why is he so worried, meera would be someplace. Navya asks did you fall in love.

Mukund asks what, is it necessary to love someone if we worry. Navya says include me, i need to speak. She says meera cares for you plenty, do you no longer love him. Mukund says i will’t supply her renuka’s location. Navya says i realize, but she has passed three hundred and sixty five days again, she would want you to transport on. He says its now not viable for me to paintings. She says you should flow on, you need to deliver yourself a risk, she will be happy seeing you satisfied, like i’ve moved on. Mukund says there’s a difference to your and my age. She says age doesn’t remember, you are getting love over again, you should receive it. She asks him to shut eyes and see if he loves meera. She says you have to take delivery of love. He closes eyes. He sees meera. He concerns.


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