A heartbreaking incident has come to light in the village old village of Gurugram, Gurugram, where two brothers died due to drowning in the canal. As soon as we get the information about extinguishing two lamps of the same house, weeds have engulfed the village. Police has sent both the bodies for post mortem.

Mandeep and Sandeep, who hail from village Oldenda, went for defecation. After dealing with the routine, 16-year-old Mandeep went to the canal to wash his hands, then suddenly his leg slipped and he fell into the canal.

Seeing the younger brother drowning in the canal, elder brother Sandeep rushed to save him. Seeing the recession drowning, Sandeep also jumped into the canal, but due to excess water in the canal, he also drowned. Seeing both brothers drowning in the canal, the villagers passing there informed the police and the fire brigade.

On receiving the information, the police and fire brigade reached the spot and started searching for the two brothers submerged in the canal. After two hours of hard work, the personnel took out the bodies of the two brothers from the canal.

As soon as the villagers got information about the death of two youths drowning in the canal, everyone’s eyes became moist. Police has sent both the bodies for post mortem.


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