Filmmaker, producer and actor Guru Dutt was known for his excellent film career. He gave films like ‘Pyaasa’, ‘Sahib, Biwi Aur Ghulam’, ‘Chaudhvi Ka Chand’ to Hindi cinema, but his mysterious death at the age of 39 shook the entire Bollywood. Guru Dutt married well-known singer Geeta Dutt. The two met on the sets of the film ‘Baazi’. Both of them got married to each other after almost three years of dating. However, this marriage was also not easy as both the families did not agree to this marriage. After marriage, both of the three children became parents.

Everything went well for many years but Guru Dutt was obsessed with work and because of this he used to spend very little time with the family. Gradually, Guru Dutt’s interest in family life was reduced and he gave heart to actress Waheeda Rehman. Guru Dutt wanted to take only Waheeda Rehman in his films and even in the film Kagaz Phool he only made Waheeda to show his love. This led to a rift in her married life with Geeta Dutt. Geeta went to her mother’s house with her children and left Guru Dutt alone.

Growing love for Waheeda Rehman had set fire to Guru Dutt’s married life, broke home
Guru Dutt requested a lot to return from Geeta as he wanted to meet his children but Geeta did not listen. During this time, Guru Dutt, immersed in gum, became immersed in alcohol. He also tried two suicides. That is why Waheeda also made a distance due to these habits. The breakdown of the family and distance from Waheeda led Guru Dutt into depression and one afternoon he was found dead in his room. It was said that Guru Dutt committed suicide but it could never be confirmed how he died.


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