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Guppedantha Manasu 23 Nov Today Episode: Mahindra, Jagati Have An Accident, Will They Die In The Hospital? What Will Rishi know About This?: The latest episode of the Guppedantha Manasu serial has been released. Now let’s see today 23 November 2022, Wednesday episode 615 highlights. Rishi says you are not saying a word that I will come home. Rishi says imagine how Rishi is in that house without you. I dare to see you every morning, but that house without you, that room you left, this Rishi you left… Have you ever thought about how you are, Dad, says Rishi. Dad.. Do you know how excited I was the moment I saw you here? Rishi says. He says that he wanted to jump with joy like a child. My dad came… I wanted to shout and tell everyone that my dad came for me. But.. the situation then is different. the tension is different, says Rishi.

Guppedantha Manasu 23 November 2022 Full Episode

Rishi says what dad is still thinking. Dad.. look into my eyes and tell me. are you coming home Or? Rishi says. Say, Dad. Mahindra can’t say what I said. That’s ok dad. Think well and take a decision says Rishi. Think all day and night about what you want this Rishi to do. I am giving time. Do whatever your heart tells you. You have this sage in your mind. Remember that, says Rishi. Mahindra says to Nanna Rishi when Mahindra is about to say something, Nanna says please. He says don’t say anything else. Rishi says I want your love.. I want you.

He says think Dad.. take time. Think all night tonight. Rishi says if you want to come, come home tomorrow morning before sunrise. He says that you should give darshan before the Sun.

Let’s have a tiffin together in our house. I could have lived without you in that house for so many years. You should say good morning Rishi. Only then will I have a real good morning, says Rishi.

Let’s drink coffee together. Rishi says let’s chat. He says I think you will come. Rishi then gets emotional and touches Mahindra. Mahindra also gets emotional with this.

Guppedantha Manasu 23 Nov Today Episode: Rishi who thought about Mahindra all night

But.. he thinks about whether to hug him or not. Before hugging, Rishi leaves and takes the car. Vasudhara. Rishi gets into the car and leaves from there. After going home, Vasudhara texts Rishi that she is not sleeping.

Both chat. Dad will come, won’t he.. he says. But.. he sends a message that he is afraid that he will not come for any reason. Vasudhara says let’s meet on the balcony.

Both meet in the balcony. I haven’t seen Dad in years but it’s hard to wait till tomorrow morning. He says that it seems that dad will come tomorrow morning but he is also afraid of what if he doesn’t come.

Mahindra sir will come. Don’t be afraid. Jagati says they will get it from madam. Vasudhara says how much you are waiting now. They are also thinking about when to go there.

On the other hand, Mahindra and Jagati decide to go together tomorrow morning. Mahindra says tomorrow morning.. to shock Rishi. On the other hand, Devayani sees both Vasudhara and Rishi walking hand in hand.

What a Rishi. She says it has been a long night and she still can’t sleep. Vasudhara scolds Vasudhara that she has been sitting and kissing till now. Rishi says I am thinking about Dad.

Let’s have a word… Mahindra says if he wants he will come or not. Peddamma says Rishi, I can’t sleep because of this. If you cut it, it will turn white. Mahindra does not want to come back for some reason.

What were we thinking all these days.. What are we doing now, he says. But.. finally, they leave in the car but.. their car gets into an accident. Both are taken to the hospital. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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