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Guppedantha Manasu 19 Nov Today Episode: What Will Rishi Do When He Is Angry That Mahindra Did Not Come? Devayani Who Planned Not To Give Vasudhara An Interview: The latest episode of the Guppedantha Manasu serial has been released. Jagati will go to college, not Mahindra. She is happy to see Rishi and Vasudhara talking there. Cut to Devyani talking on the phone. This time should not be missed under any circumstances. Just do as I say. Devyani says I will take care of whatever happens after that. This is not a big deal. Only you can do it. No one should be suspicious. Did you understand? I will not call you again. You don’t need to call me after work. Devayani says I will know. However. Dharani hears Devayani’s words.. from behind. Actually.. who is she talking to on the phone?

Guppedantha Manasu 19 Nov Today Episode

However, thinking that someone is listening to her phone from behind, Devayani loudly calls Dharani. So she acts as if she didn’t hear what she said as if she came from the kitchen. I do not understand what is the conspiracy of the father-in-law. She thinks that she should tell someone about this matter immediately. Meanwhile, Devayani comes there and asks where Dharani is going in a hurry. This is not going anywhere. Dharani says I am just going like that. Devayani says you are looking tense. This makes me tense every time I see you. Well. I have a bad headache. A little headgear is enough. This means that now. Yes. Right now. Do you have any urgent work? What is wrong with this?

Devayani asks if the Adi couple will come for our Vasudhara interview. Dharani says if this comes, it will be good. On the other hand, Gautham goes to Mahindra. Gautham says to Mahindra that Jagati is not supposed to go like this.

Madam understood Vasudhara’s pain. That’s why they went. You to come uncle says Gautham. I have come to request you. Gautham says that too with your permission.

He says that I am sad because the world has gone like that. If not now, we will meet sometime. Meet something that meets now. He says that if you are next to Rishi in a college function, he will be excited. But… Mahindra says no.

Guppedantha Manasu 19 Nov Today Episode: Dharani called and told Gautham about Devyani’s plan

Meanwhile, Dharani calls Gautham and talks to him. Gautham tells me that she is doubting that Attayya is doing something here. I don’t understand anything, says Gautham.

I heard Devayani’s uncle encouraging someone to do something in college. Dharani says she doesn’t fully understand that. If you have heard this, I have heard this. But Dharani says it seems that Attayya Garu is making some big conspiracy.

I called Rishi and Vasudhara but they did not pick up the phone. Dharani says that is why I did it for you. Mahindra also listens to Dharani’s words with a loudspeaker. On the other hand, Rishi and Vasudhara are sitting in his cabin.

Vasudhara thinks if madam comes or not.. I will not be able to give the interview if madam does not come. Don’t get tensed. Jagati says madam will come. Meanwhile, the office boy comes with juice.

He brings juice. He deliberately pours juice on Vasudhara’s dress. Meanwhile, Pushpa comes and tells the media that they have come. Rishi says Vasudhara you should change your dress.

It says ok sir. Goes into a room to change the dress. The whole dress is finished like this. She thinks about what to do now. Madam. You are not getting justice, madam. Vasudhara thinks where are you?

Jagati madam will enter her room if cut. He is shocked to see himself. Vasudhara can’t believe it. you made it Congratulations are called Vasu. Vasudhara gets happy madam did you really come?

Vasu.. you won not.. I won. Rishi won. Vasudhara says this college has won. Vasudhara says thank you for coming madam. where did you go What madam is this? Vasudhara says do you know how much I and Rishi sir are suffering?

Vasu.. now don’t ask anything. What can I say? Be mentally ready for the interview, says Jagathi madam. I am a disciple of Jagathi madam. What is one interview.. I will face ten interviews.

Meanwhile, Rishi comes. He is shocked to see the world. Rishi asks where is Madam Dad. Rishi says you are hiding from me. Madam.. He asks again where Dad is.

Rishi asks if dad didn’t come. Understood ma’am. Well understood. Rishi says you fell in love with your girl but Dad didn’t come for me. That’s it, he says.

Later, when both Rishi and Jagati go outside, Vasudhara says that she will change her dress and come for the interview. While she was changing her dress, the office boy who had poured juice came and left after closing the door.

Due to this, Vasudhara gets stuck in that room. Rishi waits to see that Vasudhara is not coming yet. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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