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Guppedantha Manasu 18 Nov Today Episode: Will Jagati Go To The Interview Saying That It Is Not Mahindra’s Word? Will Jagati Come To Vasudhara’s Interview? Meanwhile, Vasudhara Gets A Shock: The latest episode of the Guppedantha Manasu serial has been released. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 18th November 2022, Friday episode 611. We are still two or three feet away from what we thought. Mahindra says it is not right to go now. Jagati says Rishi will not forgive me if I don’t go now. So I said what I said. Mahindra says that he wants to listen and leaves there. The world does not know what to do with this. On the other hand, Vasudhara is getting ready for the interview. Vasudhara.. you are a good girl. She thinks to herself that she should listen to what Rishi sir says without taking any risks. Meanwhile, Rishi comes. Vasudhara says let’s go, sir. Rishi stops seeing him.

Guppedantha Manasu 18 November 2022 Full Episode

He puts a blob on him. He says look. you forgot to put the blob. Vasudhara says thank you, sir. All the best. No matter who comes or not, your success will not be affected. That is the result of your hard work. You have achieved great success and are an inspiration to all. Rishi says to remember that. He says to remove everything from the mind. He says to face the interview boldly. Vasudhara says madam will come. Because of this, no matter who comes or not, some things happen. Think this too. Rishi says I am behind you. With this, sir, you will be with me forever. Vasudhara says, “I know this but.. there is a small wish left in my mind that it would be nice if Jagati madam came.” Seeing Devayani holding his hands and talking.. Nanna Rishi says. Devayani says your Pedananna has gone. Peddamma says ok with this. After that Peddamma says all the best to Vasudhara. This means all the best Vasudhara. Devayani feels sad that I am not able to do anything even if I stay in my house and hang close to Rishi. On the other hand, arrangements are made for the interview in the college. Vasudhara and Rishi go to college. Rishi asks if Vasudhara media has prepared how to talk to them. What is there to prepare for this, sir? Vasudhara says that you have to answer the questions asked by them. Rishi takes Vasudhara and says Pedananna has a small task, we will come soon. Meanwhile, Mahindra calls Gautham. But.. Gautham forgets his phone there. Rishi Pedananna looks at that phone. He picks up the phone. Who says He thinks that the elder brother’s voice is like that? Rishi Pedananna thinks it is like Mahindra’s voice. Mahindra immediately hangs up. Gautham’s elder brother picked up the phone.. Did my elder brother remember my voice? He thinks that. Meanwhile, Gautham comes. Gautham, you got a phone call. He says that the voice sounded like Mahindra’s voice. Meanwhile, Rishi and Vasudhara arrive.

Guppedantha Manasu 18 Nov Today Episode: Rishi called back Mahindra, Mahindra did not say anything

Rishi says what did you hear dad’s name. Rishi Pedananna says that Gautham’s voice sounded like our Mahindra’s on the phone. With this, yes.. he is going to take that phone. Meanwhile, it may not be our Mahindra’s voice. He says I must have made a mistake. Why should you think so? Rishi immediately picks up Gautham’s phone and calls that number, thinking that dad can do it to anyone. Meanwhile, Mahindra picks up the phone. Hello. Did you just call? Hello, who is talking? But… Mahindra doesn’t talk. Meanwhile, Gautham tries to make amends. On the other hand, Vasudhara thinks about whether madam will come or not. Gautham goes somewhere busy when he says let’s talk to Gautham. On the other hand, Vasudhara sits outside and waits for the world. Meanwhile, Rishi comes there.. Vasudhara says let’s go late. He says are you thinking about madam. I have agreed to this interview that madam will come.. says Vasudhara. Do not think whether Jagati madam will come or not. Let’s believe madam will come. I have that belief. He says sure madam will come. If cut, Jagati writes a letter and leaves. A situation that cannot be avoided. There is no need to go. Jagati writes a letter saying “I’m sorry Mahindra” and leaves. Mahindra does not know what to do with this. Rishi thinks I didn’t think it would go like this. On the other hand, Rishi takes Vasudhara to his cabin. What did you stand for? Vasudhara says sit down. See Vasudhara. Rishi says Jagati madam will come. Vasudhara says it has been a long time already, sir. Rishi says that there is still time for the media to come. You face this interview happily. Rishi says Jagati madam will surely come. Vasudhara.. don’t be so moody. How about giving an interview like this? I will interview you. I think I am a reporter. This is the original interview. Answers should be correct, says Rishi.

Congratulations Vasudhara. He stood as the university topper. This success is not uncommon. Rishi asks who is behind your success. Vasudhara says that there are two people behind my success. Rishi says tell me who those two are. So Jagati madam… she is my teacher. Vasudhara says that she is my guide. Meanwhile, Jagati madam enters college. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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