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Guppedantha Manasu 17 Nov Today Episode: Will Jagati Attend Vasudhara’s Interview? After Looking At Rishi’s Mail, Jagati Leaves For College Without Mahindra: The latest episode of the Guppedantha Manasu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 17 November 2022, Thursday episode 610. Vasudhara has not eaten. Rishi brings food for himself. Oh, sir.. Why did you bring it? You say eat. How can I do Bhom without you eating? He says sit down and eat. Vasudhara asks if I have caused any trouble regarding Jagati madam. So we discussed the topic there. He says it’s over. Rishi says Vasudhara if you eat I will eat. This will feed you sir eat. I will eat only if you eat. Rishi says I will not eat after eating. Vasudhara says I will eat.. Eat. Rishi also eats with him. After that, he says you should eat too.

So if I eat later no no let’s both eat on the same plate then Rishi feeds him food. With this, she is surprised saying, sir. You fed me, didn’t you? He says what’s wrong if I feed you. He feeds himself. She also eats it. There is a lot of pain in the mind. Rishi says to face them. If he is fed, he will eat. Vasudhara says, good sir. you are feeding like this. There is a saying that there is no man without hardships. There should be a man who shares hardships. I am sad that daddy is gone. I am sad that I am not seeing your success from madam. But.. something happened. He feeds by saying eat. After that, it feeds you to eat too.

After that, Rishi takes her and makes her sleep in the room. I am sorry that daddy is away. Vasudhara is sad that Jagati madam has gone away. There is justice in the pain of both, but there is no justice in their departure. They decided not to be seen. That’s why no matter how hard they try, they can’t find it. It would have been nice if Jagathi Madam had come to Vasudhara’s interview.

Madam, do you like Vasudhara? I don’t understand why you feel like meeting Vasudhara. Rishi spends the whole night thinking about how to get Jagati madam for the interview. If you cut it, it will turn white. Rishi talks to Devayani in the morning.

Guppedantha Manasu 17 Nov Today Episode: Mahindra, Rishi mailed to Jagati

Rishi says there is a media interview today. Rishi says Pedananna you have come at the right time. Is Pedananna good enough? Devayani says Mahindra and Jagati should also come. Meanwhile, Vasudhara brings coffee for everyone.

Devayani asks if you have prepared well for the interview. Vasudhara says madam, what is preparing for the interview? Devayani says you are not smart. Everything goes according to plan.

Everyone knows that Jagati madam is behind your success. Are you missing your madam in the media interview? I will always miss our madam. He stays in my mind. Vasudhara says I will have her blessings wherever madam is.

But she says madam is coming for the interview. Rishi sir said madam they will come anyway. When Rishi sir says a word, he doesn’t just say it. That will be true. Vasudhara says I have that belief. Devayani’s husband says I want your belief to come true.

On the other hand, Rishi sends a mail to Jagati and Mahindra. You left me when I was a child. You may not fully understand my pain. I still don’t know why you left. I don’t know why I got so much punishment but again you are giving the same punishment to Vasudhara.

I thought Dad’s happiness is my happiness. That’s why I took a step down and invited you home. But.. they came as soon as they came and left with Dad. This is not fair to you ma’am. I don’t know where he went. Dad. I am getting tensed every moment as to how you are doing.

But.. there is no information from both of you. He left without seeing me to go to the minister. That’s what saddened me the most. But now this pain is not mine alone. Vasundhara too. Even if he is a topper of Vasudhara University, why don’t you think that you should congratulate him especially if you want to see him by giving him an advertisement in the paper?

Vasudhara is waiting for you. You should enjoy vast success. You should appreciate it. Media people are coming to interview him. It would be nice to have you at that time. A son abandoned by a mother thinks it is a prayer. A student abandoned by a teacher thinks it is agony. It is up to you. I am waiting for you to come to college with dad. Rishi mails Jagati that this is Rishindra Bhushan.

Jagati says to Mahindra I am very happy. Mahindra says he doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad when he sees your happiness. Rishi is coming to you, not for himself.. not to invite you as a mother. Mahindra says Rammannadu because she wanted to be there if she was interviewing him to congratulate Vasudhara.

It is more than calling to come. Jagati says Mahindra, my heart is longing to go for whom or what. We have come very close to our target. Mahindra says we can’t go unless Vasudhara and Rishi announce the marriage.

Jagati, you are taking too much effort unnecessarily. It is not right that we should go now. If reporters ask about Rishi and Vasudhara’s relationship, let’s see what Rishi will say.. says Mahindra. Mahindra says why Jagati is going there. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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