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Guppedantha Manasu 02 Dec Today Episode: Rishi Is Shocked To Know That Mahindra Is In Gautham’s House.. What Will He Do To Gautham? Does Mahindra Know About This?: The latest episode of the Guppedantha Manasu serial has been released. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today’s Friday, December 2, 2022 episode 623. Many find life elsewhere. But the moments spent under the sky in this silence, holding hands like this with a loved one by your side, are great. Vasudhara says tell me what else there is. Rishi then asks what is love. Vasudhara says that love is the sky. Rishi says Premante Rishidhara. Let it be, sir. Vasudhara says that this Vasudhara will not exist on the day when it is not like that. After that, she touches Rishi tightly. Rishi also touches him tightly. While both are drowning in love.. just then naughty boys come and say hey love birds. Rishi gets shocked by this.

Guppedantha Manasu 02 december 2022 full episode

Pushing Vasudhara back… Rishi takes the lead. What love birds can’t find a room? They say they are here. He gets angry with them. Rishi beats them. Meanwhile, when the police sirens are heard, they run away. Rishi’s shirt gets damaged in the tussle with them. Takes medicine on the shirt. He thinks about what to do with this. But.. I don’t want to go home.. Let’s go to Gautam sir’s house, says Vasudhara. She asks whether to change the shirt there. Both of them go to Gautham’s house. Gautham gets tensed when Gautham says to open the door. After that, Gautham opens the door. He asks how long it took to open the door. What happened after that.. he says. He says he should change his shirt. Gautham says go and change in the room. Rishi goes into the room and puts on a shirt.

On the other hand, Devayani gets tensed that the world he thought was gone has come back. What is Dharani here.. Vasudhara is not visible. Vasudhara should be in this room. Devayani thinks nothing. There is no car outside. This will shock.

It is said that both went out tonight. He is playing the way Vasudhara plays. What to take out at this time? Vasudhara you underestimated me. Devayani thinks I will tell you about you later.

On the other hand, Rishi comes out wearing a t-shirt. Entra is this avatar. He doesn’t listen if you wear something nice. He says like me. This is your choice. Gautham says to do something. After that Vasudhara says let’s go. Ok, let’s go. Meanwhile, he says I forgot my phone.

He comes inside and goes to take his phone and sees the perfume and watches it there. Does Dad think what watch is here? He thinks that I have given this watch to Dad as a gift. Then Rishi remembers what was given as a gift.

Guppedantha Manasu 02 Dec Today Episode: Rishi is shocked to see the photo in Gautham’s house

Rishi says I remember you whenever I see this watch. Mahindra says if he forgets you. Rishi says Mahindra, you want to give me everything you have. He remembers all the things of that time. Did Gautham give this watch as a gift to Gadi? He thinks that even if this widow takes it from Dad by force, he will take it.

After that, there is a picture of both Mahindra and Rishi together. Rishi did not know what to do with this. Rishi thinks that Dad is here because this photo is here. Meanwhile, Rishi gets angry and calls Orei Gautham.

Ray.. Entra shows the photo. Gautham gets shocked by this. Entra says this. talk Rishi says Dad, they have been here for years. Gautham does not know what to say. Rishi says how well did you act as if you don’t know what is going on by giving shelter to madam and dad in your house.

Vasudhara says, Sir.. Madam, why are they here? Rishi says Vasudhara is strange. This is my friend. We have a great friendship. That’s why Dad didn’t tell me even though they were in their house. Rishi says what a beautiful trick.

Says Ray Rishi Sarira. Rishi says Kadara, you cheated so much even knowing who I am. He says such a fraud.. Such a betrayal. I’ve gone crazy for Dad. How well did you act? You don’t want to go and file a complaint. You said, family. You said honor. He says you are a great friend.

Rishi says even if I want to say.. I won’t listen to whatever you say. Ray Gautam you may have a hundred reasons but.. don’t care about your friend. Rishi says how did you cheat so much? Rishi says it would have been better if he had stabbed me to death. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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