Amit Shah Gujarat Visit: Congress Used To Eat Money To Make Doctors... Shah's Attack In Gandhinagar

Gujarat Model – Mallika Sarabhai – A Person Suffering From Cancer On The Inside Makes A Face: Famous dancer and Kalamandalam chancellor-designate Mallika Sarabhai say that the Gujarat model is for a person suffering from cancer inside to put on a face.

There is no other state where so many families commit mass suicide. They said the reasons for this are economic collapse, lack of education, and hunger.

Mallika said that she voted in the Gujarat elections this time as well and wanted change. But Mallika Sarabhai said that her hope is in South India. She was speaking in an interview given to Mathrubhumi.

Mallika Sarabhai said that the Babri Masjid incident was an injustice done to the Indian people and she remembers that day with shock.

The country is now freeing the criminals in the Bilkis Banu case and hanging garlands on them. All this is unheard of in the world. Mallika Sarabhai criticized that no matter what temple one goes to and prays, it is a path from which one cannot get liberation.

Mallika also said that she wants to have the strength to fight against constitutional violations.

‘Malays in general are happy to try different governments. But despite being so educated, men’s attitude towards women is disappointing. It is also among Malayali men in Gujarat,’ said Mallika.

Mallika Sarabhai added that since there are many events in December, she thinks that she should take charge as the chancellor in the first week of January.

Meanwhile, the state government issued an order last day appointing Mallika Sarabhai as the Kerala Kalamandal Chancellor. Culture Minister V.N. said that Mallika Sarabhai is a genius who used art and literature for social transformation. Vasavan said.

In a press release, the state government informed that the appointment of Mallika Sarabhai as Kalamandal Chancellor will be most beneficial for Kalamandalam.

Earlier, Kerala Governor Arif Muhammad Khan was removed from the post of Chancellor of Kerala Kalamandalam by the government. The order was issued by the culture department removing the governor from the post of chancellor.

Kalamandalam is the fictitious university of the state. Kala Mandalam works under the Department of Culture. As per the rules of Kalamandalam University, the Chancellor is to be appointed by the sponsor. The governor was removed under this condition.

Until the new chancellor takes charge, the pro-chancellor, culture minister V.N. Vasavan was in charge of the chancellor. 75 years has been fixed as the maximum age for becoming Chancellor. Since 2006, the state government has been the chancellor of Kalamandalam.


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