Congress Expresses Insensitivity To The Silence Of Prime Minister BJP Leaders On Ankita Murder Case

Gujarat-Himachal Assembly Polls Result in 2022 Live Update: Congress Surges In Himachal Pradesh: Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh poll results announced today. As in the last two decades, will the lotus bloom in Gujarat, or will there be a change in Modi-Shah’s state? Will Congress not be able to return to power in Himachal, and will AAP or BJP fight? To get all the updates, keep an eye on the result LIVE UPDATE of the two states.

11.51: Outgoing BJP Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel won in Gujarat.

11.42: BJP has more than 54 percent of votes in Gujarat. Congress holds about 27 percent and AAP holds 12 percent votes.

11.40: Ravindra Jadeja’s wife forward in the south center of Jamnagar.

10.42: Breaking all records, BJP leads in 159 seats in Gujarat.

10.21: In Himachal, the BJP is on the rise of Congress. Himachal Assembly may be three-cornered.

10.05: In 1985, Congress won 149 seats in Gujarat under the leadership of Madhav Singh Solanki. That is the highest. So far no one has won so many seats in Gujarat. This time BJP is on the way to breaking that record too. Already they are ahead in 150 seats.

9.58: 141 people died when the bridge collapsed in the face of voting. Political analysts felt that the Morbi bridge accident in Gujarat would have an impact on the polls. But they did not meet that idea in reality. As per the latest reports, BJP is ahead in Morbi Centre. And Gerua Shibir is ahead in 149 seats in the entire state.

9.52: BJP workers cheer at the BJP party office in Gujarat.

9.48: BJP representatives are already in a meeting to form the government in Himachal. According to the latest news, Congress is ahead in 33 seats. BJP is ahead in 32 seats. Failed to open an account.

9.38: In Gujarat, 14 percent of votes are held by UP. Kejriwal’s party still failed to open accounts in Himachal.

9.28: The Election Commission says that in Himachal, BJP is ahead in 7 seats, Congress is ahead in 3 seats.

9.00: BJP slightly lost in Himachal. Congress is ahead in 35 seats. BJP is ahead in 31 seats.

8.46: Behind Hardik Patel.

8.50: Total seats in Himachal are 68. BJP is ahead with half the seats 39. Congress is fighting in 27 seats.

8.47: Congress candidate Jignesh Mewani lags behind in Bodgam in Gujarat. Outgoing Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel ahead. BJP’s Joches Thakur, Rabindra Jadeja’s wife is also leading.

8.37: BJP is ahead in 37 seats in Himachal. Congress leads in 25 seats.

8.30: BJP has scored a century in Gujarat at the beginning of the counting. The modi-Shah duo is already ahead in 115 seats. Kejriwal’s up virtually failed to make the mark. They lead by 4 seats in total.

8.15: BJP is leading in Gujarat at the beginning of the counting of votes. BJP leading in 82 seats. Congress ahead 24. In third place is Up (4). Others lead by 1 seat.

8.00: The counting of votes has started in the two states. Another storm signaled in Gujarat at the start of the count. BJP-Congress struggle in Himachal.

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