Congress Expresses Insensitivity To The Silence Of Prime Minister BJP Leaders On Ankita Murder Case

Gujarat Congress In-Charge, Wait For The Final Result, We Will Have A Surprise Win, BJP Will Not Be In The Picture: While the counting of votes is progressing in Gujarat, BJP is leading in 154 seats. It is certain that the BJP will form the government for the seventh time in Gujarat.

There have been estimates that this will be the election in which the BJP will win the most seats in the state. Meanwhile, the current leader of the Congress, which had won 77 seats in 2017, has narrowed to 17 seats.

Even though the counting of votes has not been completed, it is generally considered that Congress will not be able to make many inroads. But Congress in-charge of Gujarat Raghu Sharma said that the party is expecting a surprise result.

The Congress leader expressed hope in his response to ANI. ‘There will be surprising results. Congress will have a favorable result. BJP will not be in the picture then. Wait till the final election results,’ are the words of Raghu Sharma.

At the same time, if it advances in the current lead of 182 seats, it will be the biggest victory in the history of the BJP. By winning 127 seats in 2002, BJP will correct its own record. In 2017, the party got 99 seats.

BJP has conducted huge campaign programs in the state in view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Rallies and road shows were held under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi participated in more than 30 road shows.

Anti-incumbency sentiments have arisen in Gujarat in recent years. Dissident voices were raised strongly within the BJP itself. As this started causing headaches for the party, the central leadership intervened and took the helm of the election campaigns this time.

There are also reports that Modi himself was taking the lead in many programs, knowing that even a small setback in Gujarat would affect his influence in the BJP.

There are constituencies in Gujarat where BJP dissidents are contesting against BJP candidates. Even if they don’t win, the vote share they will get will be a concern for BJP in the future.

Meanwhile, in the 1985 Gujarat elections, the Congress had won 149 constituencies, but now its lead has narrowed to 17 constituencies. At that time BJP got only 14 seats.

But even in North Gujarat, which was the stronghold of the Congress in this election, the BJP is leading. It is estimated that Hardik Patel and others went to BJP and the entry of the Aam Aadmi Party may have harmed the Congress.

Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party is leading in seven seats. So far Aam Aadmi has won 11.9 percent vote share.



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