This Village Of Gujarat Became The Country's First Solar Power Village, Pm Modi Announced

Gujarat: 10 Topics To Influence: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swa From poverty to inflation and unemployment Gujarat assembly elections to take over 10 possible main topics:

1) Narendra Modi: BJP’s trump card is important to minister Modi was the Chief Minister of the state from 2001 to 2014. The Gujarat model of development is much debated. It is From Chief Minister to Prime Minister Lethia Modi’s image is still not faded BJP strongly believes. To stand with his followers in his own state Diku is eating. He said that Modi will be the main stage in the election. That’s what observers think.

2) Release of accused in Bilkis Banu case: The release of 11 accused in Bilkis Banu case T will be discussed in the election. The accused who have been in jail for 15 years They were released after consideration of their application.

3) Anti-incumbency sentiment: Long for two and a half decades Bharana V will create the next BJP regime. It should also be seen how much Ruddha Vikhar is. Inflation and unemployment are the starting points. Feelings against the government are on the rise. Some observers of

4) Morbi Bridge Tragedy: On 30th October, Thu in Morbi Bridge collapsed killing 135 is Conflict between governments and some businesses Some characterize this as evidence of alliance. There is no previous experience of Attack on the company In the contract of employment What about the fitness certificate? Bridge opening without fict The opposite party alleges that

5) Recruitment Exam Paper Leak: Govt. ND Recruitment Exam Question Paper Leaked And exam postponement is not among the youth in the state. It has been made.

6) Education and health sector in remote villages Deplorable situation in Schools in remote villages Fewer primary health centers BJP has not been able to solve the problem. Tu is being discussed. Aam Aadmi Party’s focus on education and health Raised as

7) Agricultural Issues: Last two years amid Damage due to rain Many parts of the state pointed out that the Farmers are also protesting.

8) Bad Roads: Name the good roads earlier. Gujarat was the state. However, during the last five years, the government Roads and Municipal Corporations Repair work as is and preserve it. no Widespread complaints about the poor condition of the road are rising.

9) Higher Medical Charge: State Higher Medical Gujarat is one of the states with this charge. 300 units of electricity will be provided free of charge every month. Both Aadmi Party and Congress have promised. Should commercial electricity rates be reduced? Southern Gujarat Chambers of Commerce and Industry Dusty was in recent demand. Gujarat Uni for Commercial Engineering 7.50 for Rs. 4 per unit in Maharashtra and Telangana. That is the charge.

10) Land Acquisition: Various Government Schemes Farmers in connection with the acquisition of land There is dissatisfaction among the landlords. Land for Ahmedabad-Mumbai Bullet Train Project An example of taking Mi. Vadodara-Mumbai Expressway takes land and There was a change.


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