Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

‘There’s no good job anywhere here for the study.’ Surender (32) hails from Tittakkudi near Aranthangi in Pudukkottai district. According to his relatives, he went to Singapore with the intention of ‘borrowing money and going abroad, earning four rupees, returning to the city and taking good care of his wife’.

Later, he also mortgaged his wife’s jewelry, borrowed money at interest for the deficit, paid the agent and showed many people that the visa had arrived, and proudly went abroad, telling his relatives to ‘take good care of my wife’. As he was boarding the plane, he said to his 2 1/2 year old son, “Would you like to listen to what your mother has to say? Daddy will buy you a remote car when you get home.”

He hugged his one-month-old daughter, who was lying on his wife’s lap, and left, saying, “Daddy, will you come for your birthday? When you come, I will buy a toy and a new shirt.” He also told his 23-year-old wife, “Take care of the children and your body. Even if you eat for a carefree time. I will come to the city on leave for our child’s first birthday, ”said Surender.

After that, the trial began for the family only after they landed in Singapore. After landing in Singapore, they stayed in a separate room. I was not sent to work because I had a fever for a few days. Friends came and went. He was in the room without going to work for 2 months. It was at this point that a shocking news came to town a few days ago. Surender committed suicide. Upon hearing this, his wife Pavithra Kathari, who was holding the green baby in her hand, cried and fainted.

Relationships have been simmering for days without being able to say consolation. Attempts are being made to bring the body of Surender, who survived with the help of some people in Singapore, to the city. ‘Who will repay the loan? There is not even a single rupee of income from where he left off, ‘say the relatives. If you ask me now, tell me about the election. Whoever comes to power in Jaichu will give this girl a job. ‘

Surender’s wife shouts, “You said you were coming for your daughter’s first birthday .. are you coming now?” This ugliness has plunged everyone into sorrow.


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