Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 25th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nora Fatehi, who has won the hearts of everyone with her banging dance and charming smile, is in the discussion about one of her interviews. In this interview given to Dubai’s U-Tuber Anas, Nora has said many things in her heart. In this interview, Nora Fatehi is seen talking about her struggle and weeps in the meantime.

In the interview, Nora says, ‘I was very filmy from the beginning, there were many occasions when I used to come back and forward myself. I wanted to do something bigger and better in my life. I thought about it many times but could never decide for myself, but once I thought a lot and finally I quit the job. I used to work in many different places at that time.

Nora further said, ‘I used to google about the agencies of modeling and acting at that time and every number I got would call and say that I am a big actress and you can help me some. One such day I got to hear an advertisement on a radio channel talking about showbiz, after which I went there. Where I got selected and they said that we had to spend all the money ourselves. The day before showing the portfolio, I also had an appendix operation, I was not able to run properly, but I went. After getting selected there, I suddenly refused to go, because I was not getting motivation.

Nora further says, ‘As soon as I came back from there, I got a call from that Pakistani agency that you would like to go to India, I immediately said yes to her. After this I came to India, after coming here, I thought that I would come to pick up a limousine as well as a butler who would take me in a suit and I would go by the same limousine car for my auditions. However, when I reached India, it was nothing like that, it was like a mole for me. ‘ Nora also revealed during the interview that she faced situations such as bulling, rejections and trauma during Struggle.

Nora further says, “I wish someone had told me how I would be brought up by people here, my passport would be stolen, people would laugh at my mouth, make fun of my way of speaking.” This happened to me many times, I used to come out crying many times and go home by rickshaw. It used to happen to me for about five years that people used to say that look, you are very talented .. This door is open only for you, but as soon as I went near that door, someone would close it vigorously on my mouth. ‘

After this Nora weeps in the interview and says, ‘I have seen a lot, suffered a lot but I did not give up and kept trying. But I think of crying for the girls who faced a lot of problems like me. Many people tried to fail, some gave up but some stayed. I just want no one to give up, because when a person loses, the whole human being loses. ‘


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