Not only obesity and diabetes, green tea is also effective in treating cancer

Health Benefits: Drink Black Tea Every Day Like This,  What Are The Health Benefits Of Having Blurred Vision?  You Will Be Shocked If You Know: Drinking green tea is showing more passion in the current lifestyle. The reason is that they are making a habit of drinking green tea for excess weight and fatness. The number of green tea drinkers accumulates more than the regular tea that everyone drinks. Because obesity is reduced due to dini. It also increases the glow of the skin. Also, green tea strengthens the digestive system by increasing the immune system in the body. After knowing that green tea has so many benefits, many people started drinking green tea. Some people drink this tea after eating rice in the afternoon. This, green tea is harmful to health. At what time it should be drunk and who should not drink it? Let us now know many such doubts… Medical experts say that drinking green tea at such times does more harm than good. This green tea is drunk many times as a part of the diet. Do you know how much our body is affected by drinking too much?

This green tea contains 24-25 milligrams of caffeine. If you drink green tea 4 or 5 times a day, it increases the level of caffeine in the body. Thus problems like anxiety, fear, heartburn, dizziness, diabetes and not sleeping properly arise. Green tea contains caffeine which causes more harm to our bodies. Don’t drink it in the morning: It is done with tea after getting up from bed. Also, many people drink this gran tea in the same way as regular tea. But in fact, if you drink like that you will face the problem of acidity. If we drink like this our body will get hani. But if we think we can’t stop drinking then eat something first and after an hour drink green tea. Do not drink green tea during pregnancy: Do not drink this tea during pregnancy because it contains caffeine, so the unborn child will not be healthy. Also, mothers who are breastfeeding should not drink this tea. So a lot of danger happens. Do not drink green tea with food: If you are drinking green tea with food, know this.

If we drink this tea immediately after eating food, our bodies will feel good.

Because green tea contains catechins. Due to its presence, our body does not absorb iron properly. By drinking more of this tea, the percentage of iron in our body decreases. If iron is reduced, blood growth will be reduced. Iron deficiency occurs. So don’t drink green tea immediately after eating food. Do not drink green tea with medicines: Those who take medicines every day or suffer from any problem should not drink green tea immediately after taking medicines. Do not drink raw green tea, especially when taking medications related to the nervous system. If you drink no, your body will be at risk. Best time to drink green tea: Green tea should not be consumed more than 2-3 times a day. Mother should drink this tea 1 hour after Bojan. Avoid drinking green tea in the morning. Also don’t drink green tea before going to sleep. You can drink this green tea between 10 to 11 am. You can drink 5 to 6 green tea in the evening. If you drink green tea in this way, you will not have any danger.



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