‘Green Mixed With Red’: Jalil Says He Stopped Publishing His Autobiography Because He Didn’t Have Time To Write It: The former minister said that the Malayalam weekly stopped his autobiography ‘Pacha Masada Reddyh’ because he did not have time to write it due to travel and the media and Media One are spreading lies about this. KT Jalil. The publication of autobiography, which has been published for the last 21 issues, was stopped by Malayalam Weekly from this issue. This was followed by Jalil’s explanation. Jalil alleges that the media and Mediavan spread the word that the publication of Jalil’s autobiography was stopped due to his writing criticizing Jama Aath-e-Islami.

KT Jaleel’s Facebook post:

Media One’s ‘Green Lie’ Everyone knows I’ve been out of place for the past two weeks. He visited Calcutta, Dhaka, and Nepal and was busy preparing his travelogue. Malayalam Wari has been publishing my ‘Pacha Masada Reddy’ (The Story of Half a Century) for the last 21 issues. The one up to issue 15 was written first. The rest for each issue was then written and sent. As the writing of the travelogue could not be postponed, the concerned persons were informed that it would be difficult to write it in the next issues. This is the reality.

How will personal and political interests come into play in the yet-to-be-written Bhaganga? The discovery of Media One is only common sense. What I wrote was completely printed in ‘Malayalam’ and brought to the people. I am disappointed that I could not write and send the next issues in time. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to Varika in that regard.

Readers may have noticed the sections in the published issues where Jamaat-e-Islami was criticized. ‘Prabodanam’ weekly also published an article criticizing me. Kalipawanam’s disagreement with Jamaat-e-Islami and their politics is the basis of ‘Media One giving false news in the form of ‘Malayalam Weekly’ stopping the publication of my autobiography due to differences of opinion. The intention is to complete the writing within six months and publish the book “Pacha Masada Reddy”. This fake news has once again helped to realize the uniqueness of Jamaat-e-Islami and its publications (Madhyam, Media One).

‘Malabar Kaalaam Or Punarwayana’ written by Eeulla has gone through eight editions. The second edition of ‘Mukhapustaka Darshankaran’ published by DC has been released. China’s “Religious Bigotry Secularism” released by China has entered its third edition. The second issue of ‘A Stormy Minority Politics’ has been printed and hit the market. The next book ‘Yatrakal Gashkaal’ is in the works. It can be seen in the light as a “greenish red” book.

I just heard that it was said to my mother for losing in the market. Watched it through Media One. Whatever stories the Jamaat-e-Islami and the lambs are concocting, it will have a short life.


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