Grass Price For Chief Minister’s Reply: Achadi Swakarya To The Press: Government Presses under the Printing Department The government handed over printing jobs to private presses. Not only that, the answer was extended indefinitely. Periodicals of Information and Public Relations Department Examples are Samakalika Janpatham and Kerala Calling. The printing works from October 2022 to 2023 will be done by Swakarya Press. Laughing. All 11 presses in the printing department have excellent printing facilities. It was there that they were passed over and handed over to the private press.

The Government Calendar And Diary Will Be Delayed

Including Thiruvananthapuram Central Press and Mannanthala Press State-of-the-art printing system has been implemented in 11 presses. People living in Kutt also have anger. Non-availability of printing materials and delay in procurement of materials Masam is also the thread of fund transfer and other press. Saying because of picky. At the same time, Thiruvanantha is typing the OMR sheet of the PSC exam. Puram Central Press. Why another Swakarya Aja when you have such a wide range of facilities here? People’s organizations are asking to approach NCs. that

Sakarya Sha hates government salary earners Printing contract is given for money. Government Printing Jobs Govt. Excluding the press and giving it to the private sector is in focus. By omitting it, the printing of government institutions Govt. The chief minister in charge of the department said that only the press should be handed over. The instruction of A circular has also been issued in this regard. It was after all this that the printing department was removed.
The explanatory book on early K Rail printed 50 lakh copies It was decided to hand it over to the private press. A tender was also called for this. Later, the opposition service organizer of Prasukal residents. Following his opposition, the government gave the press the job. 50 lakh has been reduced to 5 lakh copies only.

Buy a state-of-the-art four-color machine Due to the negligence of the employees of the printing department, that too was not done. It is the situation. Apart from this, the new posts are part of the modernization. More than 800 posts were cut in the department There is also a complaint that the quality is being lowered completely. If it goes like this, the fate of KSRTC will be the government press. The complaint of the people is that it happens to

State Government Calendar and Diary are to be released in November and have not been downloaded yet. Materials required for printing starting from paper, plate, and ink are not available. It is known that calendar printing is delayed because of this. The government calendar is well-accepted among the general public. n. This is because of the clarity of technical specifications. Once it reaches the market, it will sell like hotcakes. But this time it will not happen. Calendar and Diary of Private Organizations and Institutions are Now available The objection is that the calendar is delayed to help them.


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