Grama Ujala Scheme

Grama Ujala Scheme: The Central Government has launched a new scheme. In addition to saving electricity .. with the aim of reducing the effect of carbon dioxide in rural areas just Rs. Decided to provide LED bulbs for 10s. The Union Energy Ministry has launched a scheme called ‘Grama Ujala’ and has issued a statement to this effect. As part of the scheme, in the first phase, 1.5 crore LED bulbs with a capacity of 7 watts and 12 watts will be distributed in selected villages in five states of the country. The Central Government hopes to extend the scheme to other areas once the distribution in the designated areas is completed.

Grama Ujala Scheme

Grama Ujala Scheme

Another feature here is that rural consumers can give away the bulbs they have (working) and get LED bulbs instead. It has the option to change up to five bulbs. However, for this, Rs. It is enough to pay at the rate of 10. These bulbs have a warranty of up to three years. As part of the scheme, the states of Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar and Gujarat were selected in the first phase. Among these states, Vijayawada, Varanasi, Nagpur, Aura and West Gujarat were also selected. Union Minister RK Singh said the use of LED bulbs would save 2025 kilowatts of electricity per year across the country.

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