Governors vs State Governments: Governors Versus Governments Issue In Southern States: Governors vs. Governments issue is running non-stop in southern states. If the affairs of AP and Karnataka are connected… In the states of Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala, there is a serious uproar regarding the role of the governors.

Telangana Governor Tamilisai is also performing additional duties as Lieutenant Governor of Pondicherry. Because of this, in this Union Territory… because they belong to Tamil Nadu, there is always some disturbance in the politics of Tamil Nadu.. in these three places. Every now and then there is an upheaval. In Kerala, Governor Arif Mohammad Khan’s controversy, Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi’s issue.

Governor vs Government in Telangana

The state government has decided to appoint teaching staff in all universities in Telangana. To this extent, the Common Recruitment Bill was introduced in the Assembly. It was unanimously approved by all the MLAs. This bill has been sent to the State Governor Tamilisai for approval. The process of recruitment of teaching staff has come into question as the Governor has kept this bill pending. Student JAC Bhaggumandi on Governor’s delay. It decided to take immediate action to solve the problem. JAC criticized that the state governor is messing with the future of Telangana students. The governor said it was inappropriate to do this. The governor responded immediately.. she warned that the bill should be cleared.. otherwise Chalo Raj Bhavan will be held on November 12.. but Governor Tamilisai said that he was not afraid of this. She said that anyone can come to Raj Bhavan, there is no objection.

What is the problem in Tamil Nadu?

Same problem in Tamil Nadu too. The Stalin government felt that the NEET exams conducted by the Center at the national level were flawed. Instead of NEET, it has decided to conduct its own entrance exam for admission to medical courses. A bill was passed in the assembly in this direction. It was sent to the governor. But Tamil Nadu Governor Ravi rejected this bill. Due to this, serious differences arose between the DMK government and the governor. Not only that, the matter went to the extent of boycotting the Raj Bhavan. The Tamil Nadu student body is divided over the governor’s behavior. The DMK government has demanded the immediate removal of the governor. In this direction, CM Stalin has written a letter to the President.

Controversy at its height in Kerala

Governor vs. Government issue is going on in Kerala too. Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has recently ordered the Vice Chancellors of Kerala Universities to resign from their posts. The VCs refused the Governor’s orders. The governor has issued show-cause notices to the VCs asking them to explain why you should not be removed from the posts. The VCs approached the Kerala High Court on this issue. The Governor requested that the issuing of notices be declared illegal. The Kerala High Court has ordered that the Governor may continue in weekly positions till the final orders are given. Governor Arif Khan’s anger toward the media is also controversial here. Recently there have been incidents like Arif commenting that he did not like the performance of the Finance Minister and CM Pinarayi Vijayan condemning it.

If the governors are saying that the state government is trying to collapse the constitutional system, arguments are being made that the governor system is denying the rights of the governments directly elected by the people. Tamilisai, however, is rumored to be ruling politics in Pondicherry as his lieutenant governor. At exactly the same time, her influence is visible in Tamil Nadu as well. She said that people who speak Telugu at home are questioning me. Her comment on Stalin’s family caused a lot of trouble. Murasoli magazine reacted strongly to Tamilisai’s comments about DMK elders’ Telugu roots. The Governor of Telangana should not do politics in Tamil Nadu. It’s not her job. She suggested resigning and coming to Tamil Nadu if she wants politics.

Similar affairs are going on in West Bengal and Delhi as well. The indirect war between the heads of government and the heads of the constitution has turned into a direct war across borders. In the past, there was a heated debate on the role of governors during NTR’s regime. After that, the issue of governorships has been hotly debated lately. While 20 Bills are pending with the Governor of Tamil Nadu, seven Bills in Telangana have to be given the seal of approval of the Governor. Now, the issue of bills has gradually turned into a storm.. until the social question of whose rights has arisen.


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