Governor Tamilisai vs DMK: DMK Targeted Tamilisai, Governor’s Counter Attack: Disputes are already going on between the Telangana government and Governor Tamilisai. Now the ruling DMK party in Tamil Nadu has targeted Governor Tamilisai.. The DMK has criticized that the government in Telangana is not paying attention to Tamilisai.. That is why he is spending time in Chennai. They complained.. You have Telugu roots. Meera used to criticize me and expressed anger. Governor asked DMK to know what is happening in Telangana.. He said that he followed the Thirukkural Mukti in Telangana Assembly.. Can’t all this be seen by DMK leaders? He asked. DMK responded to Tamilisai’s criticism. However, Governor Tamilisai boldly replied that volcanoes can’t do anything in front of the Himalayas.. Spiders can’t do anything to lions.


Also, Telangana Governor Dr. Tamilisai compared the DMK leaders to blacks dressed as leeches. Her comments saying that those who speak Telugu would criticize me when they dressed as Tamils ​​became a hot topic. Tamilisai, who is the governor of a Telugu state. , “Governors! An article with the title “Don’t mess with the mountains of fire” was published. Tamilisai was ignored by the Telangana government and complained that she was spending time in Chennai. Those who have Telugu roots and speak that language at home and pretend to be Tamil.. I am a Tamil woman who recited Thirukkural Sukti in Tamil in Telangana Legislative Assembly as Governor. You know who is brave. The proof of this is that rulers, family heirs, and ministers are standing in line with bracelets to answer me.

Also.. Do you dream that I have folded arms? Tamilisai said on his Twitter that they got angry with Raj Bhavan because he explained to the people blindfolded about the government in Telangana with hereditary politics in the farmhouse.. Very happy to declare yourselves as mountains of fire. At the same time, she wanted to observe the fact that the mountains of fire cannot do the Himalayas.. We are not afraid of Murasoli’s slaps. What can spiders do to lions? Saying that Tamilisai fired on DMK.. Overall, the gap between the Telangana government and Governor Tamilisai is wide… it is leading to criticism of her in Tamilisai’s own state.


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