Actress Sana Khan is in the news these days. He has spoken to the industry. Sana Khan has announced to leave the glamor industry. He wrote about this by writing a long post on social media. Please tell that Sana Khan is often in the news.

Earlier, she was in the discussion about her personal life. He accused Melvin Lewis of fraud. It was also posted on social media.

Sana wrote on social media- ‘This is the first time. I dare to tell the truth. Because there were many people who believed in this relationship and showed love and respect. But unfortunately, I did not get what I should have got. ‘

Sana further wrote about Melvin – ‘This man is very dirty and he unfortunately took me a year to find out. Because I believed him blindly. I took a stand for myself. Because if I did not take, no one else would.

Sana called Melvin a fraud. Sana wrote- ‘He is a deceiver and a liar. It is common for him to do this to anyone for his fame and popularity.

Accusing Melvin of cheating, Sana wrote- ‘He has cheated me along with a lot of girls. I know one of them, whose name I am shocked to know. #shameonyou miss … He wanted to marry me. Children wanted. But what would he teach my children? ‘

Sana had also told that Melvin forced her to officiate the relationship. Sana had said- ‘He forced me to officiate my relationship after Valentine’s Day. He used to force me to post our photos. I used to go for media interaction and he wanted me to talk about us. At that time, I did not understand that it was for fame.

However, Melvin also reacted to all of Sana’s allegations. He dismissed Sanaa’s allegations outright. According to Zoom TV, when Melvin was asked about this, he said, “It is very easy to accuse people and that too when that person is in a weak position.”

Melvin had said, ‘I don’t think anything should be said on this because I am not guilty. Our relationship is over and both should move on. Breakups are private and should not be made public.


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