Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is in discussion about pregnancy these days. Anushka Sharma was seen encouraging her husband Virat Kohli during the Indian Premier League. Then many of his photos and videos went viral on social media. Now Anushka Sharma has come into the limelight again due to a strange thing. Actually, Google is showing Anushka’s name after searching the wife of Afghan cricketer Rashid Khan.

On Google search, if you search by writing ‘Rashid Khan Wife’ to know the name of Afghanistan cricketer Rashid Khan’s wife, then Anushka Sharma’s name and photo will appear on your screen in the result. You can clearly see the screenshot of this search. Rashid Khan’s wife Anushka Sharma has been told. The date of their wedding is visible on 11 December 2017. Now the world knows that Anushka Sharma is the wife of Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli. Then why is Google telling him Rashid Khan’s wife? Actually this is happening because of Google’s technical glitch.

Why is Google telling Rashid’s wife to Anushka?

Talk about why Anushka Sharma’s name is coming in the Google search as Rashid Khan’s wife, so this whole matter started from 2018. Many questions were asked to Rashid Khan during an Instagram chat session with the fans. One of these questions was asked who are her favorite actresses in Bollywood? Rashid Khan named Anushka Sharma and Preity Zinta. Rashid Khan came into the limelight at that time. Anushka Sharma, Rashid Khan’s favorite, was very viral at that time. Just here, the name of Rashid Khan’s wife, Anushka Sharma started appearing in Google search.

Who is Rashid Khan?

First of all, tell who Rashid Khan is. Rashid Khan, born in 1998, is an Afghanistan cricketer and is currently the deputy captain of his team. He is one of the 11 cricketers who played in the first Test match against India in June 2018. After this, he also participated in the Test match against Bangladesh. Rashid Khan is also the youngest player (20 years) to become a captain.

It is known that Rashid Khan is not married yet. During an interview in July 2020, Rashid told that he is not married yet. He said that he will marry when Afghanistan’s team wins the Cricket World Cup.

Talking about Anushka Sharma, she married Virat Kohli on 11 December 2017. Anushka and Virat announced some time ago that a small guest is going to come to their house soon. Anushka was last seen in the film Zero, although she was very busy with the work of her production house. He produced the web series Patal Lok, the film Bulbul for the OTT platform. Both projects were well received by the audience and critics.


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