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Google Fined 1338 Million Rupees In India, The Company Also Warned Against It: The technology company Google (Google) fell under the center’s cannon. The Competition Commission of India or CCI fined this search engine, one of the most popular in the world. Last Thursday, the National Competition Regulatory Authority under the Center informed that this US technology company has been fined about 1 thousand 338 crore rupees for abuse of its power. At the same time, Google has been asked to stop all economic activities immediately.

But why Google was suddenly fined so much? It is known that most phones now have the Android operating system to run various apps and programs. It is owned by Google since 2005. Therefore, if smartphone manufacturers want to use the Android operating system on their phones, they are forced to use Google’s various apps and services. All the problems started from here.

CCI released a statement in this regard. It has been reported that Google is not allowing competitors to enter the market by unethically manipulating the Android operating system to maintain dominance in the competitive market. As a result, this company is more profitable than others. That is, they are trying to dominate the world of Android mobile phones by force. It thereby violated the terms of competition. Based on this complaint, Google has been ordered to pay a fine of around 1 thousand 338 crore rupees.

Because Google not only manages the Android operating system, it also takes care of everything. They also license the apps they own. For that reason, they have to sign several agreements regarding the rights and obligations created by Google. One of which is the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement. As a result, Google’s search engine app, Chrome browser, and widgets are already installed on Android mobiles.

Naturally, as a result, Google is much ahead of others. CCI has claimed that this work of the organization is completely unethical. This is how this US company has captured 98 percent of the smartphone market. In this way, they not only capture the market of others. Create barriers to market entry for competitors. As a result, Google alone enjoys profits. Their activity is criticized by other organizations. For these reasons, Google has to face the wrath of the center.

However, Google has actually warned against this. They said the move by the Center could cause problems for both Indian users and businesses. Users who trust the security of Android may also be shocked as a result. At the same time, the price of smartphones in the country’s market may also increase. Google has said that all steps will be taken after reviewing this matter.


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