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Goal Hunters Who Arrived In Qatar: Thomas Müller: There are only two days left for the Khatal World Cup. Who is waiting with bated breath to see the stars take to the ground? Dhakar. While discussing the World Cup, we cannot talk about records. Able to tear through the defense and put the ball into the net with ease There are many talents in today’s football world. Fans know the goals of their favorite stars.

Thomas Müller (Germany) – 10 Goals


German striker Thomas Müller has been a consistent fixture for club and country. Debt is what drives it. He has the talent to easily score goals in big matches for the state. He Muller has scored 10 goals from 16 World Cup matches. The star who played a prominent role in Germany’s 2014 World Cup victory Muller. Bayern Munich forward five out of six matches at the 2010 FIFA World Cup Scored goals and was selected as the best young player of the tournament.

This will be the last world for the 33-year-old star. Th. Three goals in 15 games for Bayern Munich so far this season Muller scored and six assists.

Luis Suarez (Uruguay) – 7 Goals

On the other hand, Luis Suarez will play his last World Cup for Qatar. The plane is landing in He plays with 100 percent dedication for club and country. Suarez. 68 goals in 134 games for Uruguay in international football have been achieved

The 35-year-old has produced the best performance for Uruguay in the World Cup. Th. Suarez scored seven goals from 13 matches in the tournament. There is Ajax, Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​and Atletico Madrid The rest of the best performance in the country is now back to destruction in their own country. Lanai is tying her boots.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – 7 Goals

Cristiano Ronaldo joins Qatar for his fifth World Cup Arriving in Manchester United manager Erik ten Haag and the club on another matter An explosive spirit with the critically acclaimed Piers Morgan. Bhimukham is now the topic of discussion. It certainly made Ronaldo, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, the world’s best. The cup is sure to turn into a special center of attention.

Ronaldo scored seven goals from 17 matches in the World Cup. . He will wear the captain’s armband for Portugal in Qatar. He will fight from the front line with the Rallies.

But Ronaldo is now in the shadow of his prime. There are those who argue on the basis of The 37-year-old having three goals in 16 appearances for United this season. Scored and gave two assists.

Harry Kane (England) 6 Goals


Goals in 2018 World Cup Russia with six goals from six matches Harry Kane is the star wearing Dunn Boots. Kane is one of the best strikers in this category. A handful of stars unleashing attacks on the goal net together. However, England’s chances at the 2022 FIFA World Cup depend on Kane’s form. It will be.

The best form for English Premier League club Tottenham in the 2022-23 season The star is playing. He has 13 goals and three assists in 22 appearances for the club. There is

Neymar (Brazil) – 6 Goals

Neymar is the main star of Brazil in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He is the best-attacking talent Brazil has produced in recent times. Hmm. Neymar is in the best form for the French club PSG in the 2022-23 season. The actor announced that this will be the last World Cup of his career. untied Neymar has missed 10 matches in two World Cup matches He has scored six goals.

15 goals and 12 in 20 games for PSG so far this season The 30-year-old has also scored assists. Neymar has scored 75 international goals for Brazil Just three goals is enough to surpass Hasam Pele. 2022 FIFA World Cup: Neymar’s best performance for Brazil ahead of trip Just enter the number.


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