Global Warming is the biggest and challenging problem not only of India but of the whole world which is gradually becoming very serious with the passage of time, but still, everyone from the common man to the educated class is unaware of this problem which one day Our lives are dangerous for the Earth.

Yes, the crisis of global warming is hovering all over the world and it is slowly becoming terrible, the main reason of which is the human beings themselves who have been altering the natural according to their needs which is deteriorating the balance of the earth.

So today we‘re going to provide Global Warming information and obtain the Global Warming- little to global warming, and are medium-long all sorts of lengths to provide essay hope that Age you liked the essay by our first few necessary Know things

What is global warming?

Global Warming- Global warming means that the Earth is constantly warming or the temperature of the Earth keeps rising. Global warming is also called global temperature. Due to global warming, the weather is also constantly changing. In view of this change, scientists have warned that drought will increase in the coming days, the incidence of flood will increase and the weather will be seen to be completely changing.

Nowadays Global Warming has become a matter of concern for the whole world and even after being such a big concern, people think that there is no threat to this world from global warming but if we look at it worryingly, this danger is the third world. War or firings can be greater than when any kesterite hits the earth.

How and why global warming occurs

Global Warming has become a serious problem on which attention has become urgent. There is no single reason for global warming, but there are many reasons, some of which are natural and some are made by humans.

The two main causes of global warming are the release of volcanic eruptions and greenhouse gases and excessive use of automobiles and fossil fuels increases the level of carbon dioxide which promotes global warming, as well as deforestation, also promotes global warming.

The Earth receives heat from the Sun’s rays and these rays pass through the atmosphere, hit the surface of the Earth, and then reflect back to the atmosphere and the atmosphere is made up of many gases, including some greenhouse gases.

These gases form a kind of natural cover on the earth, this cover prevents the hot rays coming on the earth and balances the earth’s atmosphere, due to increase in greenhouse gases, the cover is getting thicker and this cover of the sun More rays stop and take the form of global warming.

Effects of global warming

Global Warming does not directly affect human life, but global warming directly affects the environment due to which unseasonal rain, unseasonal snow, drought, etc. are increasing day by day which will affect life on earth somewhere. Huh. Whether it is human, animals, animals, plants, and vegetation, changes in the environment affect global warming of all these lives.

Global warming is increasing due to the emission of high amounts of toxic gases and is causing humans to suffer from different diseases. It is very important to stop global warming if life is to survive on earth.

Global Warming- No country has been saved from the side effects of global warming. Due to this side effect, the climate change cycle has also become uncertain nowadays and due to the decrease in the production of grains and fruits, global warming is also the reason.

Essay on global warming
Global Warming Essay Hindi Word 250

Global warming is a major issue all over the world today because the heat of the sun is continuously warming our Earth by increasing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

And somewhere indirectly it is causing problems in living human life and like other issues, at this time there is a need to make people aware by bringing this issue in detail.

Problems caused by global warming

1. The temperature of the Earth will reach its peak in the coming years, which will cause problems for humans to live on Earth.

2. Carbon dioxide gas and harmful gases are increasing on Earth.

3. New diseases are arising from the new and if it grows in the same way then these diseases will increase further

4. The sea level is getting hotter and higher.

5. Strong storms are being encouraged.

6. Various organisms are going extinct from the earth.

7. Glaciers continue to melt.

8. Death rate is increasing.

Therefore, humans should think about themselves and their own amenities and also think about the environment, so they should stop producing carbon dioxide, stop cutting plants, stop the use of harmful gases, reduce electricity usage because small- Only small efforts can face this world-class challenge. Few lines to bring enthusiasm in people-

Plant trees, plant trees, create
green life.
They give life to us,
then why do we kill them?

Essay on global warming
Global Warming Essay Hindi Word 500

Global Warming, as the name suggests, is the increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere, which is called global warming. The main reason for this global warming is the constant change of greenhouse gases or in simple words, Global Warming means the continuous heating of the Earth.

Global warming should be the most concern of the world at this time, but most people do not want to understand the depth of it by considering it as a technical term and people leave it as a problem suggested by scientists but do not understand that this problem Everyone can be solved only by solving in unison.

Because when the temperature of the Earth started to rise, it was contributed by natural causes, but in today’s era, human activities continue to encourage it.

Why global warming occurs

Both natural causes and human causes are promoting global warming. Some of the reasons why global warming occurs are as follows.

1. Burning of fossil fuels, coal or crude oil, their smoke pollutes the environment.

2. Transport which comes first in human needs these days, the pollution caused by it promotes Global Warming.

3. To promote industrialization is to promote global warming on its own.

4. Changes in the percentage of greenhouse gases happening continuously are directly increasing global warming.

Side effects of global warming-

1. Due to the constantly increasing temperature, scientists have researched that in the coming 10,000 years, the Earth will become so hot that life will not be possible on it.

2. Today seawater is also increasing due to an increase in global temperature.

3. There is a decline in the production of different crops occurring in different regions of the world.

4. Many species of animals, animals, and birds are becoming extinct.

5. Various diseases such as malaria, dengue and nowadays deadly diseases like coronavirus are increasing.

Stopping global warming is very important

1. First start planting trees. This is the easiest way to save your planet from the outbreak of global warming.

2. The use of organic manures should be encouraged.

3. Use CFLs not using common bulbs.

4. We should try our best to minimize the use of vehicles so that the environment is not polluted.

Try today, you
will be happy in the future.
Those who try not today will definitely regret it later.


So Global Warming- To reduce and gradually eliminate global warming, it is very important for a human to come forward, otherwise there will be nothing to regret later and in the end this pollution will increase so much that the breath on earth will increase It will also be impossible to take.

What is necessary for a little effort for yourself and some loved ones, what will you tell the next generation,
when it will be asked that the convenience of happiness is more important.
Or we are more important.

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Global Warming Essay Hindi Word 700

Global Warming- Global Warming has become a well-known word nowadays, it is very important to understand the seriousness of it, it is very important to understand the seriousness of it, because global warming is causing a lot of damage to our living nature, as a result of which the world would face natural disasters. Lives, such as tsunami, earthquake, excess rainfall, scorching heat, etc.

Global warming is also known as global temperature rise. The amount of oxygen to live on Earth must be high, but due to this global warming, the amount of oxygen is decreasing and the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing.

Due to which there has been a hole in the ozone layer and it is increasing day by day due to which ultraviolet rays passing through this hole which harms human life, come directly to the earth.

These ultraviolet rays are causing the ice in Antarctica to melt, raising the water level and increasing the area of ​​sand with increasing heat in the desert and, most importantly, global warming due to the imbalance of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse – a group of different gases

A greenhouse is a group of gases that contain different percentages of different types of gases and these gases create a protective covering on the earth when there is an imbalance in the group of these gases, a problem called global warming arises.

Who is doing global warming?

1. Human is promoting global warming the most and cutting down trees for its facilities, due to which the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing.

2. Instead of planting trees in empty places, the building is opening factories which is increasing pollution.

3. Considering its convenience, it tries to change the direction of rivers, due to which most of the rivers dry up in some time.

4. The use of different types of vehicles is leading to more pollution to our Earth which is increasing global warming.

How is global warming hurting us?

Due to the increasing number of automobiles, mushroom industry, combustion of fossil fuels, etc., more carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere due to which global heat is increasing on Earth.

-Global warming causes the glaciers to melt, raising the water level.

– Health-related disorders are arising which are causing some new diseases every day.

– Natural disasters are being encouraged.

-Refrigerator uses a chemical that is continuously affecting the ozone layer.

– Increase infrequent diseases such as skin cancer, respiratory diseases, low immune problems, etc.

How is it possible to stop global warming?

1. Do not throw plastic garbage around like this.

2. Prevent water from flowing without reason.

3. Do not leave electrical equipment open without need.

4. Reduce the use of soap and detergents.

5. Plant trees, plant trees, adopt the slogan of Make a green life.

6. Try to use a CFL bulb which will also reduce power consumption and will also reduce the electricity bill.

7. Make a habit of using walking or cycling and reduce the use of vehicles so that pollution is minimized.

8. Try to store rainwater as we can use rainwater in various tasks.

9. Try to adapt yourself to the limited needs Do not harm nature for your comfort.

Conclusion –

Global Warming- Global warming is a problem created by human beings and now humans themselves are troubled by it, just as humans have made global warming so big, it is the duty of human beings to save this earth from the disease called global warming. In the coming time, it is not known how dangerous it takes to make life impossible on earth, so try to think of improving nature more than your comfort.

Essay on global warming
Global Warming Essay Hindi Word 1000

What is the meaning of global warming: –

Global warming is a word that is heard today by everyone but does not try to understand because most people feel that global warming is not affecting us, but global warming is indirectly causing great harm to human life on earth. is.

Continuous temperature rise in the environment is called global warming. In today’s world, global warming is a matter of concern for the whole world and this global warming is affecting not only human life on earth but every living organism, crops on the earth. Etc. are affecting everyone.

As the form of the problem called global warming is increasing, every country is searching for a solution to face this problem and the human who is searching for a solution to this problem is the main reason for this global warming. is.

Because humans keep doing some activities for their facilities, due to which there is an increase in the number of greenhouse gases of various contaminated gases like – carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide, etc.

Who is the cause of global warming?

1. Natural reasons
2. Human causes

1. Natural reasons: –

• Greenhouse gases are the biggest cause of climate change due to global warming.

• The gas which absorbs heat or heat coming from outside is called greenhouse gas.

• When the plants have to be kept warm in cold areas so that they do not rot, due to excess cold, they are protected by using greenhouse gas.

• Because this greenhouse gas absorbs the hot rays from the sun and keeps the plants warm.

• Due to greenhouse gases, the amount of carbon dioxide gas on the earth is continuously increasing which is harmful to human life.

• A research has shown that if the emission of these gases continues in this way, then the temperature of our earth is expected to increase from 3 ° to 8 ° C in the 21st century, and if this happens, it will result in many parts of the world just Only snow will be visible.

• Not only snow, but sea level is also increasing due to this, so if it continues like this, then a large part of the world will be absorbed in water, all this destruction will be bigger than any world war.

2. Human reason: –

• Man is constantly playing with nature to propel himself towards development and progress.

• The biggest factor in the causes of global warming is humans.

• Human uses different instruments for their comfort and these devices release different types of dirty gases which are making our earth unusually hot.

• Cutting the streams of rivers according to their own convenience has to affect the environment.

• Deforestation is the main cause of global warming because these tree plants take away the carbon dioxide that is immersed by humans and release the oxygen gas necessary for human life.

• Urbanization and use of chemical fertilizers and various wrong actions done by humans.

How to save a life from global warming

If any challenge is faced with true dedication, nothing is impossible. A true effort is required and when a problem is of the whole world, the effort is also required from the whole world. Joint efforts are also needed to stop global warming. Some important facts which can be done in an effort to reduce global warming are:

• Reduced use of greenhouse gas.

• Reduce the release of carbon dioxide.

• There is a need to increase the recycling process.

• It can be avoided by stopping deforestation and planting more trees.

• Can not stop global warming with the efforts of one person, for this, joint efforts of all individuals and government are required.

How is global warming affecting us?

1. A large number of glaciers are melting

2. Climate changes are fueling storms.

3. Making storms more dangerous and powerful.

4. In the climate change or season change cycle, the duration of the summer season is increasing and the duration of the winter season is getting shorter.

5. Without the rain of the season and then this rain damages the crops.

6. There are many effects of cyclones, floods, drought, etc. which are increasing by global warming.


We should understand that when a person suffers a serious illness, he or she continues to make any efforts to cure the critical illness.

Similarly, our earth is very sick today and it also needs to be treated. Before taking every action, we should think about what effect it will have on the environment and if this global warming continues to increase in this way, then we will give our future generations in the future. Will inherit diseases and various problems.

Because there is no effect on anything on its own, so this effect is not prevented from becoming a side effect, otherwise, it can be seen in the future which will end the existence of the Earth itself.

Wake up and live in time,
otherwise tomorrow I will only regret it.
Whatever will not remain on earth,
then how will one spend life.
Do not cut these trees,
this life will save you.
Otherwise, think for yourself,
how you will live without them.

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