There are reports about the escape of a loving couple in the country and the world, but this time a case has come to the fore, which all the listeners are being surprised. In England, a man eloped with his mother-in-law when her girlfriend was giving birth to a child in the hospital. Jess Aldridge, 24, recently gave birth to the second child of her boyfriend Ryan Shelton, but is now living in a relationship with her boyfriend Jess’s mother. Aldridge elaborates on the deception that happened to him.

Before they had a second child, Jess Aldridge and 29-year-old Ryan decided that they would both live in their own home with 44-year-old mother Georgina. Actually, mother Georgina had told Jess that she could take care of her children here. On January 28, when Jess Aldridge arrived at home after giving birth to a second child, she found that her boyfriend Ryan and mother Georgia were both in a relationship and escaped. Boyfriend Ryan and Jess’s mother Georgia are living in a new home 30 miles from there.

Hurt by the incident, Jess Aldridge told English website ‘The Sun’ that it was a complete fraud. You expect a newborn baby to be loved by her grandmother. They should help raise and take care of both children, but instead she is spending the night with my boyfriend. Please tell that both Jess and Ryan met through Facebook three years ago and have been living together since then.

Jess Aldridge, who works as a housekeeper, became the mother of a child in 2019. He claimed that his mother Georgia started flirting with Ryan when he moved. They often flirted with each other and every night sat near the kitchen, drinking and joking. Jess said, “I am completely broken, I lost my mother and my children’s father.”

He said that there were affairs between the two during his pregnancy. Shortly after the birth of the son, he received a message from Ryan asking to end the relationship. When Jess returns home after this message, she is stunned to see that both Ryan and her mother are missing. Ryan and Jess’s mother now live in a two-room rented house.


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