New Delhi, Manoj Vasistha. Ginny Weds Sunny is released on Netflix this Friday (October 9). Countless films have been made on Hindi cinema on the subject of Confusion in Pyaar. Sometimes the hero has confusions and sometimes the heroine. When a film is made on a popular theme, the way of telling the story becomes extremely important. This is the only way that can make a film come alive and inculcate a sense of seeing something new inside the viewer. If there is laxity then it does not take time for the film to pile up. The story of Ginni Weds Sunny repeats the centuries-old formula of Hindi cinema. However, the film does not offer anything new.  

The story is of Satnam Sethi i.e. Sunny (Vikrant Massey) and Ginni (Yami Gautam). Both belong to Delhi’s middle class Punjabi family. Sunny is a very good cook. He wants to open the restaurant. However, his father (Rajiv Gupta) believes that he should get married first. Many girls have been rejected by Sunny. Seeing no way out, his father seeks the help of matchmaker Shobha Juneja (Ayesha Raza Mishra).

Shobha has a daughter, Ginni, who is free to live and lives on her own terms. Works in an insurance company. He befriends a rich boy Nishant Rathi (Suhail Nayyar). Ginni wants to marry him, but the boy is postponing. Both have broken up on this matter, but are still together. Ginni roams with him. She goes to the concert. Ginni’s mother comes up with an idea why not get Sunny married to Ginni.

Sunny also wants Ginni from school time, but she seems out of her reach. When Shobha inspires him, he follows him to impress Ginni. After all, Ginni agrees, but Nishant proposes to her when Sunny expresses her love for Ginni. Sunny’s heart breaks. Sovereign is once again confused. Broken hearted Sunny gets ready to marry her parents at will and abandons her intention to open her own restaurant and hands over father’s hardware shop.

Ginni’s mother tries once again and convinces Ginni to attend Sunny’s wedding. Meanwhile, Nishant meets Guinea and removes his confusion that both of them will remain friends. Ginni attends Sunny’s Destination Wedding. There, something happens that Ginni forgets anger and is rushed to marry Sunny. Just after a few dramatic events, the film has a happy ending. 

The story of Ginni Weds Sunny is very flat and predictable, due to which the film has become dull. Though some scenes tickle. Those scenes are a bit relieved when Sunny, with a variety of pranks to impress Ginni’s mother, impresses her.

The climax scenes try to create some tension, but those scenes are so predictable that all the adventure ends. Through dialogues and pronunciation, Punjabi culture and passion have been tried to evoke, but in the writings of Navjot Gulati and Sumit Arora, that departure seems to be missing and everything seems to be abandoned.

This is Vikrant Massey’s first commercial romantic-comedy film in which he played the lead role. Vikrant’s acting ability cannot be doubted. In this film, he has tried something new. Lip synced on songs and showed dance skills. After Netflix’s ‘Dolly Kitty and the Shining Stars’ and ‘Cargo’, Vikrant is seen here in a completely different style. However, seeing him does not make sense of a romantic hero.

Yami Gautam has tried hard to live up to the irresponsibility and boldness of Ginni’s character and has been successful to a great extent. Shobha Juneja has emerged as one of the supporting characters of the film, played by Ayesha Raza Mishra. She has dominated the entire film. In the film, the song of Micah and Badshah is remembered in Saavan. The rest is for Khanapurti. The most disappointing thing is that despite the story being set in Delhi, ‘Delhi’ does not become a part of this story. 

Director Puneet Khanna tried to make a light-hearted romantic-comedy, but it is difficult to fall in love with this two-hour-five-minute romantic-comedy because of so much cliche. The film starts being pulled after a time. He somehow saved the marriage of Ginni and Sunny, but could not save the film.

The film’s producer Vinod Bachchan has previously made films like Tanu Weds Manu, which was directed by Anand L. Rai. Tanu Weds Manu occupies the top spot in the list of films made on Confusion between Shaadi and Pyaar. An attempt has been made to capitalize on the same theme in Ginni Weds Sunny, but this time the matter is not settled.

Artists – Vikrant Massey, Yami Gautam, Rajesh Gupta, Ayesha Raza Mishra, Suhail Nayyar etc.

Director- Puneet Khanna

Producer- Vinod Bachchan

Verdict – ** 1/2 (two and a half stars)



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