In Bihar, government employees received a gift on Holi. Now if there is a child in the house of a government employee or an officer, then the Health Department will bear the medical expenses incurred on delivery. Along with the general public of the state, the government employees should also become aware about safe delivery, in this regard, the Health Department has taken this initiative. The condition is that this assistance from the government will be limited to the first two children.  

While giving the above information, Health Minister Mangal Pandey said on Friday that the government has decided that the health department will reimburse the medical expenses of the workers during childbirth for childbirth. The state government has this power as per the treatment manual. 

Mr. Pandey informed that presently All India Services personnel and many state governments provide mediclaim based facility for normal delivery and Caesarean delivery to their personnel. Now the Bihar government will also provide this facility to its personnel and officers. The good thing is that whether the child is born with normal delivery or Caesarean, in both the cases, the government employees will get medical reimbursement from the department. 


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