Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pulkit confronts Virat and says Devi and every member of the family who loves Sai are concerned for Sai, Sai is in vital circumstance and he’s liable for that. Virat says sufficient now, why is he blamed for everything, he simply desires to now Sai’s circumstance, he isn’t liable for Sai’s circumstance this time. Pulkit asks if its now no longer his mistake, why is he troubled approximately Sai; he’s going to now no longer as his unique buddy Pakhi is continually with him. Pakhi repeats her favourite one-liner thoughts his words, he can not insult her like this and who’s he to insult her in the front of her husband. Pulkit says he isn’t insulting her however her acts are insulting herself, nonetheless there may be a time and she or he must prevent her heinous acts. Samrat asks Pulkit to ship him blood organization info and is going to set up blood. Virat says he signed consent shape and could deliver blood for Sai. Pulkit says this is the irony, how will Sai sense while she can be able to discover that he signed her consent shape. Virat says he goes overboard. Pulkit says he isn’t, Virat merits this for his heinous acts. He excuses and says he desires to move and shop his member of the family’s existence. Virat thinks even he desires to shop Sai’s existence and no person can prevent him and walks farfar from there.

Shivani tells senior Chavans that she doesn’t sense they need to understand approximately Sai’s circumstance. Omkar says they had been discussing approximately it. Shivani asks why didn’t they name a person at sanatorium and discover Sai’s circumstance, they have to be glad as an alternative as they desired her to kick her out of house, now Virat’s ultimate hassle is likewise solved, all of them have to be glad wondering they received the world. Sonali says she can not consider she is wondering so reasonably-priced approximately her very own family. Shivani she is aware of approximately every of them nicely; Sai desired to unite Pakhi and Virat, however Samrat returned; now Pakhi will ensure there may be no happiness left in Virat’s existence and handiest she herself be glad. Bhavani asks to prevent her garbage and tell approximately Sai’s circumstance. Shivani says Sai’s circumstance is vital. Bhavani prays god to shop Sai. Samrat calls Ninad and informs that Sai’s circumstance may be very vital and desires AB terrible blood, however there may be no blood to be had in surround blood banks. Ninad says he’s going to ship him a listing. Bhavani prays god to shop Sai and make her glad like before. Shivani says Sai is struggling in view that the start and could get nicely due to her appropriate deeds and now no longer their prayers; Sai misplaced her father and anticipated love and care from them, she showered her love on them, however they continually insulted her. Ninad says its now no longer proper time to speak approximately all this, they must visit sanatorium proper now. Omkar says crowd isn’t appropriate at sanatorium, so allow us to live right here and watch for Pulkit and Samrat’s name. Mansi says Omkar is proper. Ninad asks what if some thing occurs, she is a child and this isn’t an age to die. Bhavani stops him and prays god that she continually disliked Sai, however in no way notion awful for her; she can be able to in no way be impolite to her if she receives nicely. Ninad additionally prays god at the same time as Sonali and Omkar frown.

Doctors hold to deal with Sai at sanatorium. Samrat calls many blood banks for blood however fails to get blood. He asks Pakhi approximately Virat. She says she doesn’t understand as he didn’t tell her. Virat returns with blood. Samrat asks how did he get it. Virat says he is aware of Sai’s blood organization is AB terrible and offers blood container to Samrat seeing Pulkit coming. Pulkit takes blood and offers it for transfusion. Samrat asks Virat why didn’t he tell Pulkit that he organized blood. Virat says Pulkit instructed that Sai will now no longer like him signing consent shape, even ultimate time he gave her blood and she or he didn’t like it, Sai is obligation and he’s going to now no longer again off; ultimate time he changed into at mistake however now no longer this time, then why anybody are blaming him for Sai’s circumstance; he doesn’t need to create any drama and his pinnacle precedence is Sai, so Samrat shouldn’t inform that he organized blood. Ninad referred to as Samrat and asks if blood is organized. Samrat says yes. Ninad thank you god that his blood financial institution listing labored and says they may do whatever to shop Sai. Samrat says searching at him, he feels he cares for Sai, however why did he and Sai fight. Virat says a few matters occurs with out a motive and he simply desires to pray god to shop Sai. Ashwini consoles him and says if god wills, Sai can be high-quality and he shouldn’t lose hope. Sai’s surgical treatment finishes. Pulkit comes out and calls Samrat. Ashwini asks how is Sai. He says Sai’s surgical treatment is finished, she must be shifted to ICU, her circumstance is higher however nonetheless vital. Virat asks how is Sai. Pulkit says its now no longer a ordinary case and sufferers take time to get conscious, she will be able to meet Sai. Ashwini rushes in the direction of ICU. Pulkit stops Virat pronouncing will now no longer like it.

Precap: Virat says Sai got here out of useless bed, he’s going to live farfar from her for her safety. Ashwini asks him to study Sai as a minimum from a distance. He feels remorseful for his act. Sai opens eyes.


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