Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Virat if he loves her like a husband. Virat says she is his spouse and he.. She insists him to complete. He says overlook it. She angrily pinches his shoulder after which receives concerned. He applies haldi on her and runs . She runs in the back of him and realizes its her imagination. Virat together along with his crew tests protection and calls DIG to discover if minister cancelled his ride. Minister calls him returned and informs that minister denied to cancel his ride and asks approximately Sada’s motion and what has he determined approximately his friend. Virat says he’s insulting his loyalty toward his responsibility via way of means of asking this, Sada is only a crook for him and now no longer bestfriend. DIG says he became looking forward to this solution from him and needs him all of the excellent as minister’s convoy will byskip via way of means of in 15 minutes. Virat receives returned into his jeep. Sada watches him hiding on a tree.

Sai attempts to mild temple lamp. Bhavani name callings her. Sai burns her finger. Devi receives tensed seeing that. A terrorist blasts Virat’s jeep. Sai attempts to loosen up Devi. Devi keeps to panic. Ashwini attempts to calm her down next. Devi says she already informed them that each time Sai and Virat separate ,they get into danger; if Sai is harm here, even Virat need to have; she desires to talk to Virat proper now. Sai says he’s on a venture and therefore they can not communicate to him. Virat and his crew get out of jeep injured. Bomber runs in the front of them. Virat stops his crew and says Sada desired to divert their interest in the back of bomber in order that he can blast minister’s convoy. Surve informs that jeep tyre have burst. He asks Surve to attain close by police station and get a jeep. Surve receives a message that minister’s convoy has reached their area. His stuff falls down and he searches beneathneath jeep. Virat realizes that Sada need to have planted bombs beneathneath a small bridge. Sada maintains luggage beneathneath bridge and hides. Virat reaches bridge and reveals luggage. Bomb squad tests it and reveals most effective timer in luggage. Surve informs that minster’s convoy is set to attain. Virat notices a drone with bomb flying.

Devi insists to satisfy Virat repeating that his lifestyles is in danger. Family attempts to manipulate her. Sai holds her. She breaks Sai’s mangalsutra via way of means of mistake. Family receives tensed. Sonali feedback its abshagun, and Karishma feedback Virat went on Padva day and Sai didn’t carry out pooja for his safety, so this became obvious. Sai crying choices mangalsutra beads. Ashwini enables her. Pakhi feedback why is Sai concerned while she continually taken into consideration her marriage as a mutual expertise and Virat as simply friend. She keeps spilling venom. Ashwini and Bhavani close her mouth with their replies and ask her to assist Sai select out beads. On the opposite side, minister’s bring reaches bridge. Sada is set to blast drone bomb while Virat shoots drone and blasts it in air, failing Sada’s plan.

Precap: Sai prays god to guard Modak and requests to ship her mangalsutra and suhaag each returned safely. Virat receives injured throughout a shootout with Sada.


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