Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

RJ rakesh calls sai and ajinkya on stage. Sunny receives excited listening to sai bhabhi’s name. Virat controls him. Ashwini, mohit, and devi cheer her up. Trimurthis are greatly surprised to see sai alive. Virat apologizes them. Sai and akinkya’s overall performance starts offevolved on dil diya gallan… tune. Omkar yells that sai performed her dying drama to call them here. Ninad yells that she performed a grimy sport, he’s going to never forgive her.

Bhavani says she feels she will get a coronary heart attack and die. They slowly start enjoying sai’s performance. Virat hopes he changed into in akinkya’s vicinity and imagines same. They both then dance on kaise nazron mai milawoon sajna.. Music. Trimurthis revel in performance. They then dance on ladki beautiful.. Tune. Sunny notices virat imaging himself with sai. They then dance on tamma tamma loge, rangde tu mohe gerua, tumse milke dil ka jo haal kya kahen, tere liye signal tod tad ke songs. Sunny shakes virat and asks him to pop out of his goals. Everyone clap for them and shout all over again.

Pakhi gets jealous for the reason that. Shivani stands up clapping. Mansi pulls her returned. Ninad tells bhavani that sai danced certainly well. Bhavani says sai turned into brilliant and looked like a maharani dancing. Omkar says she in reality has maharani mind-set and looks real maharani in gown. Bhavani asks ninad why is he silent. Ninad says they are right. Rk rakesh ask target market to clap for multitalented sai and akinkya and hopes they turn out to be well-known doctors inside the future. Sai takes mic and says they’ve a person who’s much greater multitalented than them who sings and dances better than them and is gift amongst them. Virat thinks whom she is speaking approximately.

Rj rakesh asks to call the multitalented man or woman and let them experience his competencies. Ajinkya calsl multitalented, younger, good-looking, and hot acp virat chavan on stage. Trimurthis fume listening to that everyone clap for virat. Ashwini, mohit, harini, shivani cheer him and demand him to head on level. Virat walks on level. Rj rakesh says he is commemorated to share a stage with a famous multitalented ips officer. Sai says virat could be very humble and right down to earth, ajinkya became virat’s largest fan and said he can not stand in front of virat.

Virat says ajinkya carried out certainly nicely, so allow us to now not waste time and begin next overall performance. Sai says she is doing equal and announces a face off dance among virat and ajinkya. Virat asks sai what kind of a funny story is this. Sai says he danced so properly in room and if his pleasure vanished on level. Rj rakesh broadcasts virat and ajinkya’s dhamakedar smoking performance. Audiences clap. Sai asks virat if he is afraid of ajinkya. Virat says he is not afraid of losers and accepts task.

Precap: sai apologizes bhavani, ninad, and omkar for her mistake and says she simply wanted them to return right here and watch her overall performance; tells bhavani that she her plenty and wants her to offer her one more problem.


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