Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karishma returns from Sai’s room and informs Chavan own circle of relatives that Sai isn’t always in her room. Sonali asks in which is she then. Karishma says its her excursion these days, then in which did she go. Samrat asks Virat if he is aware of in which is Sai. Bhavani asks Karishma to invite Ashwini in which is her dearest DIL. Sai is proven mendacity subconscious and injured in a pit. Ashwini cuts her finger at the same time as cooking and reveals Sai’s word wherein she writes that she is leaving Chavan Nivas and going to Gadchiroli in which she feels near Aaba, thank you Ashwini for her big love, apologizes for her errors and going with out informing her, etc. Ashwini cries vigorously and rushes to tell Virat.

A boy whose existence Sai saves seems at Sai. His dad and mom pamper him and select out him up. He receives down and appears at Sai once more till they be aware her. Ashwini offers Sai’s letter to Virat and informs Chavans that Sai left domestic forever. Virat angrily crimples letter. Chavans are stunned and Samrat asks while did she go. Ashwini says she instructed she goes to college. Omkar asks if Sai is pranking them once more. Bhavani yells Sai constantly creates troubles. Sonali backs her. Pakhi realizes that Sai become again and again speakme approximately the following day for the identical motive.

Ashwini cries that Sai become again and again telling that she discovered a few manner out, she didn’t recognise Sai supposed this. Samrat asks Virat how didn’t he now no longer understand Sai’s plan. Virat says when you consider that Sai got here to this house, she become again and again pronouncing she can be able to depart this house, so he isn’t always amazed even a chunk and why Samrat thinks he ought to be bothered.

Boy’s dad and mom plead for help. Sai’s pals attain there and be aware her. They get her out of pit and rush in a cab toward medical institution. Shivani assessments Sai’s room and informs own circle of relatives that Sai’s baggage and books are missing. Samrat asks Virat how can he be so careless and now no longer apprehend Sai’s intentions. Virat says how will he recognise while she doesn’t open up wit him, she spread out with Devi rather and stated its their secret.

Devi says Sai instructed her now no longer to show their secret, aleven though she found out it to Virat and asked him now no longer to permit Sai go, however he adamantly denied to forestall her. Virat asks why ought to she while Sai herself desired to head. Pakhi helps Virat and asks Samrat why he’s wondering Virat while Sai is at mistake, she herself attempted to persuade Sai to wait pooja frequently and Sai adamantly denied, she is following her elder bahu’s responsibility faithfully, etc. Samrat says perhaps she didn’t attempt nicely and Sai should now no longer have favored her manner, he by no means pressured her to observe her elder bahu obligations and needs her to do some thing she desires to willingly through heart. Pakhi says she is inclined following her obligations.

Samrat says he discovered that she favors some elders and disrespects other, he desires to her to admire everybody equally. Ninad asks Samrat why is he blaming Pakhi for Sai’s decision, he’s positive she should have long past to Pulkit’s house. Samrat says she should have now no longer long past there. Ashwini says Sai wrote in a letter that she goes to Gadchiroli. Samrat says she should have long past to bus forestall and asks Virat to get vehicle out. Virat says he doesn’t need to head anywhere, its desirable she left, permit her understand how tough it’s miles to stay on my own with pricey one’s love, permit her understand the price of own circle of relatives.

Pulkit reaches medical institution and asks Sai’s pals approximately her. They say her circumstance is important and she or he is being handled through Dr. Karmarkar. Pulkit says Sai is a courageous lady and she or he could be fine. They say Sai’s cab motive force instructed he become losing her to bus forestall together along with her baggage, did Sai tell him approximately it. Pulkiit thinks Sai didn’t tell her, it method she didn’t tell even Chavan own circle of relatives. Back at Chavan house, Ashwini asks Virat why he’s talking sour for Sai. Virat says he’s uninterested in Sai’s stubbornness when you consider that some days and took lower back her Aaba’s files pronouncing she can be able to manage it from hereon, he permit her do some thing she desired to and didn’t get some thing in go back. Omkar yells that she become making plans it when you consider that lengthy and ought to have knowledgeable them at least. Bhavani yells subsequent and asks who helped Sai percent her baggage.

Devi sasy she did. Virat tells Ashwini that that is Sai’s fact and she or he misused Devi. Devi says she helped Sai willingly as she become in pain. Samrat asks why didn’t she knowledgeable them. Devi says Sai took her promise and locked it with tara ram pam key and explains it. Pakhi tells Virat that she instructed him that there’s some thing cooking among Sai and Devi. Devi says Sai had helped her as soon as and these days she helped Sai. Bhavani tells Samrat that he’s helping Sai when you consider that he lower back domestic, Sai isn’t always a type man or woman and enables others, fact is she is jealous of other’s happiness. Doctor’s function Sai.

Precap: Samrat says he lower back domestic due to Sai and could sense responsible if she doesn’t go back domestic. Pakhi asks if he method their courting relies upon on Sai’s go back of he’s insulting her. Samrat tells Virat they ought to seek Sai, however Virat denies and says its desirable she left domestic. Virat asks if Pakhi is the motive at the back of his happiness.


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