Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4 June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Bhavani tells virat that she did something he asked and hopes he doesn’t have any issue with her. Virat says he constantly respects her, however was irritated on her; he can apprehend her factor of view and forgot the whole thing or even she must. Sai jokes masta masta. Bhavani laughs via coronary heart for the primary time. Harini thank you virat and sai for making her birthday special and displaying her and devi’s play, says sai became searching very quite. Sai says because she become wearing quite frock like harini. Harini says her birthday turned into greater unique than her buddy’s birthdays. Sai kisses her. Harini asks virat if he will not kiss her. Mohit clicks their snap shots. Sonali and ashwini bring birthday cake. Harini rushes to them. Virat and sai get engrsaped in every different. Pakhi gets jealous on account that. Virat tries to kiss sai, and sai walks away asking ashiwni if she known as her. Madhavi praises pakhi’s performance as devi observed by way of pulkit who thank you her for uniting devi and harini. Bhavani also praises pakhi and asks devi to thank pakhi for uniting her and harini. Devi says she doesn’t like pakhi as she interferes between virat and sai, however is grateful for unting her with harini. Bhavani asks her no longer to say that. Devi says she thanked pakhi, anyhow virat and sai prepared this play. Karishma asks mohit if it became a praise, then what insult is. Ashwini calls absolutely everyone to observe harini slicing cake. Virat sensing pakhi’s sadness attempts to speak, but she walks away remembering devi insulting her.

Virat follows her and asks her to sign up for circle of relatives. She says her presence doesn’t remember. He says her act united devi and harini and he is grateful for that. She says devi should thank her, however she praised sai rather and insulted her announcing she is interfering between sai and virat. Virat says she is aware of devi is mentally unstable and is like a youngster. Pakhi yells that sai infused this notion in devi’s mind and provoked her. Virat says she is misunderstanding sai as sai would by no means do that. Pakhi yells that he cannot apprehend his spouse’s tricks, she agreed to behave as she desired to reunite a mother and daughter, however sai poisoned devi’s thoughts towards her. Virat gets indignant and warns her to stop as sai might never do this. Pakhi yells that he blindly trusts his spouse and doesn’t want to look his wife’s proper face. He asks her to prevent all this and attend harini’s cake slicing ceremony as harini’s elder mami/aunt. Pakhi shouts not to link her with samrat as she doesn’t recognize something about samrat than his name, he is stranger to her and he or she doesn’t have any feelins for him. Ashwini searches virat. Devi asks in which is viru. Karishma says even pakhi is lacking, if they’re collectively. Every person examine her. She says she method cake is very good. Sonali warns her to thoughts her tongue and scolds her.

Ashwini says she will check where virat is. Sai says she will and walks away. Virat tells pakhi that samrat is her husband and now not a stranger. Pakhi asks wherein is her husband, husband and spouse promise to stay with every other for 7 lives, but her husband didn’t even spend 7 hours along with her; she acted as devi on virat’s request as she nevertheless has emotions for him. He says she advised that she did it to reunite devi and harini, but now.. She asks can’t he see her pain. Sai searches virat and calls him, but he doesn’t select name. Pakhi asks virat that if he has a stone coronary heart that he doesn’t notice her feelings and usually pushes her in the direction of samrat, he doesn’t even bear in mind her as human forget about as a friend. Virat asks her to calm down and asks what did he do. She shouts he betrayed her, played along with her feelings, and betrayed her; she asks if they didn’t love each different and wanted to marry. He asks to prevent her garbage.

She says the feelings which woke up for him then are still alive and he is answerable for that, however instead he blames her; they desired to marry every different, however he went to gadchiroli and met her lifestyles’s largest hurdle, his spouse sai; he started loving sai immensely and forgot his beyond; he boasts of his promise, what came about now. He says he can understand her ache, but until whilst they will talk the same issue; these days is harini’s birthday and she is spending pleasant time with her mother’s circle of relatives, however pakhi is ruining the happiness. She yells that glad moment is for him and his spouse, however what approximately her. He requests her to forestall it and accompany him instead of venting out her anger. She shouts that he promised her that he’ll now not permit everyone in his lifestyles and coronary heart besides her, but he broke it. He says he said that, however that doesn’t mean that she.. Sai listening to their conversation drops water glass in shock. Virat notices her.

Precap: virat asks sai what did she listen, she misunderstood him. She says she is not. Ashwini walks in to call them and seeing sai’s anger asks if virat said anything. Sai says virat hurt her. Virat says he simply.. Sai says there may be no need for any rationalization.


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