Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 4 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat asks sai if she is pronouncing that she sent police to deliver bhavani kaku, ninad baba, and omkar kaku here. Sai says they will destroy their courting with her and could now not allow them to live of their residence, so requested her buddy to set up a hostel room for her. Pulkit asks if she sent police to bring chavan own family right here. Virat asks if she thinks police is chavan family’s servant. Sai says chavan circle of relatives doesn’t like her. He asks her to loosen up and tell what precisely she do. She says she requested her pals to behave as police. Virat relaxes at first and then reacts.

Sai walks out and assessments if they got here. They each observe him and ask how did she do that. She says she organized police dresses thru his canteen proprietor and gave it to her pals. Virat says he can’t believe she sent fake police to an ips officer’s house. Ashwini, sonali and others take their seats in auditorium. Sonali it’d were properly if bhavani, omkar, and ninad had come. Ashwini says she is proper and they might have come going for walks if pakhi might have achieved on level. Pakhi asks why she drags her in the whole thing. Ashwini says due to the fact she drags herself in every trouble. Shivani flirts with a younger boy. Mansi scolds her and says they came here to inspire sai and seeing devi and harini’s bonding says she feels properly seeing devi happy, devi is not most effective a terrific daughter however also an amazing mom.

Ashwini says it might be appropriate if trimurthis additionally attend this feature. Mohit backs her. Again to virat, pulkit, and sai, virat says he doesn’t assume they may come. Sai gets a message and says they’ve come. Virat is amazed and asks what else did she do. Sunny rushes to virat. Sai asks what’s he doing here. He says he got here to observe her dance performance, takes virat aside and says he noticed police bringing bhavani, omkar, and ninad. Sai says she knowledgeable them via fake police that she is dead. They all 3 panic and ask what is wrong together with her. Virat says he is surprised that they didn’t name him but. Sai further reveals that faux police threatened them that they’re responsible for her dead. Virat panics more and asks if she is in reality a lady. Sai says they will panic seeing her performing on degree, so virat should cross domestic and % her luggage. Sunny laughs and says he’s laughing on sai bhabi’s infantile behavior.

Sai asks all three of them to help her manage the situation. Virat panics greater. Sai says she is looking him to address his circle of relatives. He says she created the mess and wants him to clean it. Their nok jhok continues. Sunny asks them to prevent preventing. Virat agrees to help sai and says its just due to the fact she has to carry out these days. She happily hugs him and says she can never neglect his assist. He says she is acting harmless as she created the mess and as soon as its cleared, she could be a wild cat again. Their nok jhok begins once more. Sunny takes virat away wishing her first-rate of success. Pulkit asks if she knows what did she do. She says she is happy that trimurthis will attend her university characteristic. Fake police brings trimurthi’s to the venue. They start arguing and blaming each other. Police warns them and takes them in. Virat rushes in the direction of door to meet trimurthis and clashes with ajinkya and apologizes him. Ajinkya identifies him as sai’s husband.

Virat says he is aware of him and says he is likewise a terrific singer and dancer and its desirable for him that he is not performing in any other case he could have misplaced. Ajinkya says how can he compete with virat. Virat says sai instructed he became under overall performance stress, and so on. Sai’s pal calls her and informs that her work is completed, however they’re unable to address trimurthis. Sai says she is sending a actual police officer to trimurthis on foot toward auditorium requests police not to send them to prison and begin their argument again. They talk that most effective virat can get them out of this mess. Ninad choices telephone to call virat. Sunny passing with the aid of with virat sees them and cries that sai left them and virat misplaced his lonely spouse. Fake police stroll away saying now acp sir will take over the case. Virat walks to trimurthis with a critical appearance.

Precap: ninad tells virat that police that they didn’t take sai to hospital, so they ought to take her to health facility hoping she remains alive. Virat says there may be no hope left and sends them to auditorium. They’re taken aback to see sai’s name being announced.


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