Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pulkit and Devi go to Chavan own circle of relatives to have a good time diwali. Omkar and different seniors leave out Ninad. Ashwini informs that she simply spoke to Ninad and he wishedd all of them glad Diwali. Pakhi remarks that their big name couple Sai and Virat are missing. Sonali remarks Sai should have shifted to Virat’s room via way of means of now, so she doesn’t need to get out of room. Devi warns her to forestall badmouthing approximately Sai. Ashwini confronts Sonali to forestall badmouthing approximately her youngsters and speak approximately different couples instead. Omkar yells that her youngsters what others don’t. Mohit says he’ll pass and convey them. Pulkit backs him. Ashwini says allow them to come on their very own as there may be nonetheless time for pooja.

Sai together along with her suitcase walks to Virat’s room remembering DIG’s that Virat cares for her immensely and thinks she can be able to ask Virat if he cares for her like a chum or husband. She sees Virat getting equipped for obligation. Virat informs that he goes on a assignment. She receives unhappy listening to that. Outside in residing room, Sonali and her crew retain badmouthing approximately Sai. Sai asks which assignment he goes on. He recollects DIG informing him approximately a private assignment to capture his nice pal Sada and reminding him to split his private and expert life. He says she is aware of he can’t monitor it as in keeping with protocol. She asks if he’ll now no longer carry out diwali pooja together along with her. He says he’s an IPS officer and his vacations have finished. She asks what approximately them. She says they may be constantly nice friends, he wishes to carry out his obligation first now as she is aware of even Aaba used to remember obligation first. She nods sure.

Pakhi remarks they carry out Laxmi pooja on diwali to welcome her home, so that they ought to carry out even Sai and Virat’s pooja to allow them to come on time. Virat and Sai stroll down. Ashwini asks if he’ll visit police station after pooja. Virat informs that he has been assigned a assignment and goes on it. Bhavani says why he goes on a assignment earlier than diwali pooja. Sai asks if DIG visited them to tell approximately the assignment. He says to each meet her and tell approximately assignment. Samrat says he changed into glad that they may carry out pooja after a protracted time, however he’s proud that his brother offers desire to his obligation first. Bhavani indicates difficulty and asks what if some thing takes place to him throughout assignment. Ashwini says every time Sai and Virat separate, both one gets in danger. Virat says he has solution for even that and holds Sai’s hand.

Pakhi remarks if he’ll take Sai alongside as a nazar battu/evil eye warder. Virat says he warned her commonly now no longer to intervene among him and Sai and tells own circle of relatives that they were given into hassle as they fought and separated constantly, however now they may be bestfriends and Sai will live in his residence now until he returns. Sai nods sure and thinks she desired to recognise if she is best pal to him. Pakhi (attempting difficult to get a few expression on her face) thinks if they may be allowed, they may hug every different and specific their love for every different, so its higher Virat leaves from here. Virat consoles Ashwini and says her son is an IPS officer and prefers obligation over his own circle of relatives first, he can’t count on this from an navy officer’s wife. Omkar and Samrat experience happy with Virat. Mohit searches Sai. Sai returns with aarti and asks Bhavani to carry out Virat’s vijay/victory aarti and tie a Bappa’s shielding thread over his hand for his victory. Bhavani says Sai will carry out aarti today.

Precap: Sai asks Pakhi why she got here to Virat’s room in his absence. Pakhi says to welcome Sai in Virat’s room in his absence. Sai says Virat’s friendship is together along with her. Pakhi asks now no longer to consider Virat as he promised even her. Sai asks to be specific. Pakhi says Virat is a person and expects a person to guide him as a wife, quickly there’ll a 3rd individual of their lives.


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