Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 31st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Devi tells Virat that she complained Sai towards him and asks Sai to scold him. Sai says he must be punished and asks her to do 10 take a seat down ups. He does. Devi says Viru did situps on her order and Pulkit informed Viru took care of her in clinic. Sai says she is aware of and he’s looking after her even now, they may be buddies now. Devi rejoices listening to that and leaves Sai’s room. Virat insists Sai to have medicinal drug mentioning their friendship. Sai says she can be able to name him modak as she may also name him Virat sir once more. He calling her mirchi says modak is excellent with him. During breakfast, Bhavani asks Pakhi approximately Omkar and Sonali. Pakhi says they need to have breakfast of their room. Ninad says they should be indignant after yesterday’s incident. Shivani says Bhavani didn’t do something unusual, trouble wouldn’t have arisen if Sonali had silently completed her project like others. Bhavani says that is the primary time Omkar sought breakfast in room. She stops Karishma from taking breakfast to Omkar and Sonali’s room and asks her to tell them to return back down and feature breakfast. Sai hesitantly is going to tell them. Ashwini serves sabudana khichdi to Samrat. Samrat says its his favorite. Ashwini says Sai requested closing night time to put together it for breakfast. Bhavani jokes in the event that they can also have it. Ashwini says she organized it for all people.

Omkar with Sonali walks down and asks Bhavani why did she prevent Karishma from bringing breakfast to his room. Bhavani asks why he desires to wreck year-vintage own circle of relatives guidelines of getting breakfast collectively and extrade them, why his spouse is ordering breakfast in her room with out informing her. Omkar says she is noticing behavioral modifications in his and Sonali and now no longer herself. Bhavani says his spouse isn’t always critically injured to be admitted to clinic. Sonali says she doesn’t have correct destiny like Sai to get admitted in clinic and those paying significant interest for her. Pakhi says Sonali is right, Sai is getting all people’s interest or even a separate room. Samrat warns her to now no longer to magnify an trouble together along with her argument. Shivani tells Sonali that Sai met with a brutal accident, why is she evaluating it to her injuries. Sonali says there may be constantly inequality on this residence, her son is taunted, her DIL is given more work, her husband’s efforts aren’t acknowledged, she is humiliated constantly, and why her own circle of relatives is centered constantly.

Ashwini asks her to loosen up and feature breakfast. Sonali says its for Sai. Ashwini says she doesn’t differentiate every person or even if Karishma asks her to put together sabudana khichdi, she can be able to put together it for her. Omkar says Ashwini will now no longer recognize his difficulty for Sonali. Sai asks why is he announcing this, Aayi felt horrific whilst Sonali become injured. Sonali blames her or all of the issues. Sai says she supplied her assist whilst she become injured. Omkar yells at her to close up and now no longer communicate to his spouse. Virat asks him now no longer to scold Sai as its now no longer her mistake. Omkar says seeing all of the differential behavior, its higher he leaves this residence. Bhavani asks him to talk to her and now no longer a child Sai. Ninad asks Omkar to loosen up. Omkar repeats he’ll depart this residence if his own circle of relatives is humiliated once more. Bhavani says Chavan own circle of relatives in no way separated and that they had been collectively via all thicks and thins of life. Sai says he’s fortunate that he has a helping own circle of relatives. Sonali blames Sai once more and keeps yelling. Ninad asks Omkar to govern his spouse. Omkar says Ninad will now no longer recognize as he in no way reputable his spouse and constantly humiliated her. Sonali feedback Ashwini merits humiliation as she is from a bad own circle of relatives. Sai asks how can she say this. Virat asks how can they insult his parents. Ashwini walks away crying. Omkar threatens that if this keeps, he’ll shift in a larger residence together along with his own circle of relatives.

Sai takes breakfast to Ashwini’s room. Ashwini says she isn’t always hungry and herself organized it for her and she or he must have it after which have medicinal drug. Sai asks why her and baba’s beds are separated. Ashwini says there may be no courting among them when you consider that years, all people is aware of approximately it and all of them noticed how Ninad misbehaves together along with her, they even argue whilst they may be alone. Sai asks if she didn’t attempt to reconcile. Ashwini says there may be no courting left to reconcile. On the alternative side, Virat confronts Ninad for his misbehavior with aayi. Ninad warns him to dare now no longer query him, simply due to the fact he’s behaving properly with him and his spouse doesn’t suggest they are able to query him; he and Ashwini as a minimum live in a identical room with separate beds, however Sai and Virat are staying in separate room and looking to train him, etc. Sai thinks she and Virat appreciate every different even even as staying in separate rooms, however aayi and baba don’t and that they should be feeling suffocated residing in identical room with out respecting every different.

Precap: Virat tells Sai that he has visible aayi baba in addition when you consider that early life and their rift can not be cleared. Sai asks if a 3rd man or woman is the purpose at the back of their rift. Virat says she constantly begins offevolved discussing approximately Pakhi whilst aayi warned them now no longer to speak about approximately their past. Sai asks whilst did she. He says she doesn’t depart a unmarried chance.


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