Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai climbs ladder to restoration lantern. Virat frightens her from in the back of. She slips. He holds her. Their eyes lock. She receives alert and says permit her restoration lantern.
He holds her hand and takes her along. Karishma watches them. Virat indicates L/learner’s badge on his vehicle. Sai excitedly asks if he’s going to train her vehicle riding. He says its a deal with for her university readmission. She asks if this vehicle may be hers. He says it may be if she learns riding well as his the whole thing belongs to her. She stops and the touching his ft takes he blessings. Pakhi notices Sai leaving ladder and lantern unfixed and provokes Bhavani in opposition to her

Virat teaches the way to use accelerator, brake, and clutch (ABC) to Sai. She jokes its as though he’s coaching urdu to her. He fixes seat belt. She drives vehicle perfectly. He praises her that she is a great student. They go back returned out of doors home. Virat maintains praising her. She fortunately hugs him. Sonali notices that and yells that they’ve a room, however are persevering with their romance shamelessly on road. She clicks % to reveal it to Bhavani. Sai says she is pleased like she drove Aaba’s jeep for the primary time. He says he may be a higher driver, however now no longer higher than him. She laughs.

Sonali rushes to Bhavani and asks her to peer what are Virat and Sai doing. Bhavani asks what did they do now. Sonali says she can’t describes it from her mouth and asks her Karishma to play the % on TV. She gathers entire family. Bhavani burns in anger seeing that. Virat with Sai walks in. Bhavani asks what had been they doing in colony. Virat says he changed into coaching vehicle riding to Sai. She indicates % and asks if he isn’t ashamed to do that heinous act in the front of entire colony, he didn’t even consider his uncle Nagesh’s dignity. Virat says they didn’t do anything, a pal changed into simply hugging his friend. Bhavani’s maintains spilling venom. Sonali and Omkar be a part of her.

Pakhi feedback they ought to query Sai additionally as Sai took Bhavani’s recommendation of bearing a felony inheritor seriously. Sai receives indignant listening to that and questions while Pakhi can input her husband’s room anytime, name him to a eating place and cry on his shoulder maintaining his hands, undercover agent on them, why can’t she hug her personal husband. Pakhi warns to forestall her rubbish.

Sai says even she is looking same, to forestall bothering her and her husband. Pakhi asks Samrat if he noticed what Sai stated to her. Samrat asks why they’re exaggerating a easy issue, what is incorrect if husband and spouse hug every other, spying on their non-public second and clicking their % is incorrect. Sai asks Pakhi why she hides in the back of her husband constantly and performs her blame game. Pakhi yells once more and asks Virat her and asks Virat if he can’t see his spouse insulting her. Samrat says he can see Pakhi insulting Sai instead.

Sai says Pakhi has filthy thoughts and thinks handiest filthy, Sonali ought to additionally be ashamed to click on their non-public % and create drama in place of explaining them personally. Bhavani says they’re now no longer children to be explained; in place of doing shameless act openly, she has already authorized them to have a baby. Sai asks she doesn’t have troubles with combat in house, however has trouble with peace and love at home; she desires a inheritor even in any case this drama.

Precap: DIG tells Sai that Virat changed into bowled over while heard approximately her coincidence and clearly loves her. Ashwini tells Sai if she thinks well, she can be able to recognise why Virat cares for her. Sai returns to Virat’s room questioning she can be able to query him if he loves her as a pal or husband. Virat informs her that he goes on a mission.


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