Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai receives prepared to shift to Virat’s room. Virat additionally receives prepared, packs a present for Sai, and hopes Sai likes his present and that they come to be an excellent couple like come to be excellent buddies. They each stroll right all the way down to own circle of relatives praising every different and desire satisfied diwali to own circle of relatives. Pakhi receives jealous seeing them. Bhavani says it might be actual happiness in the event that they provide her a naughty grandson or granddaughter. Sonali asks what if her naughty grandchild be like Sai. Bhavani laughs and says she can be able to provide her/him her excellent upbringing and accurate him. She asks Virat if they may satisfy her order. Virat says Sai will shift to his room tonight. Ashwini asks Bhavani to bless Sai and Virat. Bhavani blesses them to be satisfied and preserve following her orders. Ashwini says she can be able to put together chats today. Sai says she can be able to assist her.

Chavan own circle of relatives enjoys chats. Virat feeds chat to Sai observed with the aid of using Samrat to Pakhi. Bhavani alerts Omkar to feed it to Sonali. Karishma forces Mohit to feed it to her like different couples. Sunny visits them and desires them satisfied diwali. He takes Virat and Sai aside, offers them presents and asks them to open them on the equal time. They open presents and locate their humorous pics. Virat complains. Sai says its best as they may be imperfect couple. Sunny says his vintage pal didn’t like % however new pal did. Sai says that’s best and asks why did he carry 2 frames while she is transferring to Virat’s room anyhow. He says he didn’t comprehend modak and mirchi are blending in a dish. She says she is habituated to live in Virat’s room anyhow and walks away asking them to preserve their chat. Sunny tells Virat that Sai is happy to shift to his room. Virat says Sai is fearful of beyond incident. Sunny assures him that quickly Sai will begin loving him like a spouse like she does like a bestfriend now.

Ashwini is busy chatting over telecellsmartphone with Ninad. Sai walks in and asks if she became speakme to baba, did he attain his pal. Ashwini nods yes. Sai says Virat learnt to observe friendship from his baba. She then indicates her hand-crafted dough lamps. Ashwini says Sai is like this lamp which spreads mild and happiness in everyone’s lives. Their dialogue continues. Ashwini discusses how a whole lot Virat cares for her. In the evening, DIG visits Chavans. Sai and Virat greet him in. He greets Bhavani and offers her presents. Bhavani asks Virat to attend to DIG and walks away to test pooja arrangements. DIG asks Virat to get cool drink for him and asks if she remains preventing with Virat. She says no. He says he considers her as a daughter and a father is aware of who’s proper for his daughter. He explains how a whole lot Virat became involved for her after her coincidence, how he were given indignant while he heard she stopped his anger and his anger was concerns while he heard approximately her coincidence, etc., and says Virat cares and loves for her and is best for her, so she have to price him.

Sai receives emotional listening to that and sheds tears. Ashwini consoles her. Sai says while she became in sanatorium preventing for her life, Virat became now no longer allow to satisfy her, even then he took titanic care of her. Ashwini says he did. Sai says after being attentive to DIG sir, she found out that Virat sir cares for her immensely, is it due to the fact she is his pal or spouse. Ashwini asks they have been now no longer buddies while she met with an coincidence and if she thinks clearly, she can be able to comprehend why Virat loves her. Sai seems at Virat speaking to DIG.

Precap: DIG tells Sai that Virat became stunned while heard approximately her coincidence and truely loves her. Ashwini tells Sai if she thinks well, she can be able to comprehend why Virat cares for her. Sai returns to Virat’s room wondering she can be able to query him if he loves her as a chum or husband. Virat informs her that he goes on a mission.


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