Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai and Virat’s nok jhok keeps. Virat says he’s her buddy and now no longer a slave.
She says he known as her as queen and subsequently he’s her slave. They each laugh. He arranges her books in cabinets and asks how is she feeling now. She says she is feeling superb as though she is in a brand new house. Virat says its properly as she desired to begin a brand new existence going farfar from her, seems like god fulfilled her wish. Sai says as aayi stated they must neglect about their beyond and begin a brand new friendship. He asks how is her new room. She says superb Virat sir. He asks her to name him simply Virat like his pals name him. She attempts however fails. He says he’ll name her Sai mam then, he’ll tell aayi that they’ve a regular dull relationship. Sai asks what if she nicknames him like pals do. He asks what’s going to he nickname her. She thinks and says modak. He laughs and says she will have modak if she is hungry. He says his nickname is modak and explains how his temper modifications like modak’s nature. Her says he’ll additionally nickname her and laughs sarcastically. She asks what did he think. He asks him to shut her eyes and places chilli/mirchi in her mouth. Her mouth burns and he or she asks why he nicked her mirchi. He says mirchi is highly spiced and properly is incomplete with out it, their candy and highly spiced modak mirchi jodi is awesome. She says he’s right.

He asks if if she had her remedy and forces her to have it. She says he’s exquisite that he turned into so impolite earlier than and now could be so caring. He says drugs are essential as her harm turned into critical, she have to recognize as a scientific student. She asks now no longer to taunt him. Their adorable noj jhok keeps. Samrat walks in. Virat greets him in. Samrat asks if she is feeling better. She says yes. He apologizes her for now no longer being together along with her in the course of her sanatorium discharge. She asks now no longer to express regret as Pulkit knowledgeable that he turned into together along with her in sanatorium in the course of her surgical procedure like a real elder brother and brothers don’t express regret. He receives emotional and asks her to stop. Sai says she turned into lacking her own circle of relatives after Aaba left, however Chavan own circle of relatives made her feeling like a own circle of relatives. She emotionally hugs him after which complains him towards Virat. Their nok jhok begins offevolved again. Virat says she denied to take remedy. Samrat says he’s on Virat’s facet in this and could scold Sai if she doesn’t take remedy. Sai then calls Virat as modak and giggling explains that she nicknamed him modak as he continually puffs up his face in anger like a modak. Samrat laughs. Sai keeps her jokes. Samrat asks what did Virat nicked Sai. He says mirchi. Samrat laughs and says mirchi modak’s jodi could be very nice. Virat explains that Ashwini shows them to begin afresh as pals. Samrat praises Aswhini’s idea.

Pakhi walks in. Sai greets her in and asks if she got here to look her new room. Pakhi as traditional rudely says she isn’t interested by her room and got here right here to name her husband. Samrat asks if the whole lot is alright. Pakhi says her mom is leaving, so if he desires to drop her home. He says why now no longer and asks her to recognize Sai’s properly being out of courtesy. Pakhi says she doesn’t act as properly and could ee-e book a cab for her mom. Samrat says he advised her that he’ll drop her mom home, being an elder bahu why she behaves so rudely. Pakhi keeps her impolite comments. Bhavani enters and asks what’s she commenting approximately. Pakhi says she turned into discussing approximately nowadays’s pooja and Bhavani’s meals. Bhavani asks Samrat to take Pakhi alongside while he is going to drop Vaishali. Samrat has the same opinion and walks away with Pakhi. Bhavani pampers Sai and says she got here to satisfy her. Sai emotionally asks if she got here to satisfy her, she herself desired to go to her. Bhavani asks if she preferred her modak. Sai says it turned into very tasty and reminded her of Aaba’s modaks. Bhavani says she is satisfied that her youngsters preferred her organized meals and says she can be able to go to Sai often. Sai emotoinally hugs and thank you her for the whole lot she did for her nowadays. Virat additionally thank you her for praying god for Sai’s existence. Bhavani leaves asking Sai to tell her if she desires anything. Virat asks Sai to relaxation now and needs her properly night time mirchi. She replies properly night time modak and tells Aaba that she determined a brand new buddy nowadays and hopes their friendship remains forever.

Precap: Virat and Sai omit every other. He walks to her room after a while and sees her sleeping. Ashwini catches him and says they must deliver Sai a while to make her comprehend how lots she is attached to him.


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