Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat asks Sai if she determined to live once more in his room. He asks her now no longer to fear as she can be able to now no longer disturb him once more, she got here to take her belongings. He says he himself could have dropped her luggage in her room. She asks if he’s performing and requested aayi/Bhavani to shift Sai to every other room while she receives discharged from clinic. He says even he located out simply today. She says she believes him and is going to select out her luggage. He says he’ll drop her luggage to her room. She says she wishes her Aaba’s picturegraph. He opens bag and offers her Aaba’s picturegraph. She receives satisfied. He says they have been staying in equal room and didn’t permit him realise her plan of leaving house. She says allow us to neglect about the beyond, he is aware of its clean for her to idiot the amazing ACP Virat Chavan. He says she didn’t idiot him however betrayed him, therefore she needed to go back here. She says there’s not anything like that, he ought to be satisfied aleven though while she left home. He says he in no way requested her to go away home. He says he become displaying a lot care in clinic and become braiding her hair, however now displaying his dominance once more. He asks while did he. She says how will he while Aayi requested them to live in separate rooms, however from what she is aware of, husband and spouse live collectively in equal room, even his bestfriend stated equal. He asks why she drags Pakhi among them always. She asks what’s their dating now. He smiles and says its a terrific question. She says its poetic also. He laughs and says she could be very filmy. She asks once more what’s their dating now. He says he doesn’t have solution to this question, does he have it. She says even she doesn’t and Aayi ought to be having the solution. He says ought to be.

Pakhi enters and sprinkles pooja water on them. She scoffs that Ashwini introduced that Sai and Virat will live in separate rooms, she become questioning that she must go to 2 one of a kind rooms to sprinkle pooja water. Sai says she become approximately to go. Pakhi says it seems like she got here to gossip with Virat. Virat says staying in one of a kind room doesn’t imply Sai can’t go to his room. Pakhi says she doesn’t want his justification or recognise their dating. Sai murmurs even Pakhi desires to recognise approximately their dating. Pakhi says there’s not anything to murmur, she simply spoke what she saw, they’re collectively even now. Sai says while she and Virat can do pooja collectively, they could chat also; anyhow Pakhi got here with a terrific aim and must end it and go. Pakhi once more sprinkles water on Sai. Virat receives indignant and warns her to behave. Sai says its ok as Pakhi is involved for her and gave Bappa’s benefits like she introduced her chair for the duration of pooja. Pakhi leaves burning extra in jealousy. Virat asks Sai to visit her room and permit him convey her luggage later. She is of the same opinion and leaves.

Omkar applies medication on Sonali’s hand accidents and says he can’t trust she become insulted today. Sonali says even he couldn’t talk towards Bhavani. Omkar blames Sai. Karishma brings icepack for her. Omkar says her hand burning can also additionally heal, however seeing her ache his coronary heart burning will now no longer steer clear of so easily. Virat takes Sai’s luggage to her room and seeing her mountaineering a chair to restoration Aaba’s picturegraph stops her and says he’ll do all her work. She says he have become too worrying after she left his room. Ashwini brings meals for her and says Virat is her son and has her sanskars, he has a totally assisting nature. Sai scoffs Virat. Their nok jhok starts. Ashwini asks them to forestall preventing and says Virat will assist Sai beautify her room as a pal. Sai asks friend? Ashwini says she didn’t say husband or boyfriend however simply friend. She forces Sai to complete milk. Sai she desires to recognise approximately her and Virat’s dating. Virat asks why she idea they must befriend. Ashwini recollects Dr. Anjali’s advice.

Sai says now Virat can’t combat or lock her in a room. Virat asks now no longer to remind him approximately his mistake as he already apologized her. Sai says a pal Virat is excellent who’s apologizing her as opposed to yelling at her. Ashwini says they must shake fingers and forgetting all their sour beyond begin their new friendship. Sai and Virat shake fingers smilingly. Ashwini prays god to make their friendship forever. She then gives Bhavani’s organized modak to them. Sai says she desires to thank Bhavani for modak. Virat says Aayi embellished Sai’s room higher than him. Sai says its obvious. Ashwini leaves pronouncing she wishes to provide milk to Ninad. Virat fixes Aaba’s picturegraph on wall and asks wherein must he hold her books and different stuff. She courses him. He gests burdened and asks her to reserve properly. She sits on chair and orders him like a boss. He stands smiling and calling her a queen asks to provide order one through one. She says she can be able to think. Their nok jhok maintains and that they each laugh.

Precap: Virat and Sai leave out every different.
He walks to her room and sees her sleeping. Ashwini catches him and says they must provide Sai a while to make her realise how a whole lot she is hooked up to him.


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