Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganapati pooja begins offevolved at Chavan nivas. Panditji asks Bhavani who will carry out pooja. Bhavani says Virat and Sai will carry out Ganapati Bappa’s uttar aarti. Pakhi stands jealous. Vaishali asks Pakhi while she and Samrat carry out starting aarti, why are they now no longer acting finishing aarti. Pakhi says Sai is habituated to grab her right, she purposefully were given discharged from medical institution nowadays to get pooja rights. Vaishali says that is wrong. Pakhi says she wishes to do some thing to get again her right. She brings chair for Sai and asks her to take a seat down as she need to be experience vulnerable. Shivani tells Mohit that some thing is wrong, there’s some thing cooking in Pakhi’s thoughts otherwise why might Pakhi fear for Sai. Mohit says she is right. Sai thank you Pakhi for considering her and asks her to take again chair as she will stand and doesn’t need to insult Baa and elders via way of means of sitting for the duration of pooja. Vaishali says in preference to questioning a lot, they have to get pooja via way of means of Pakhi and Samrat as Sai is vulnerable and shouldn’t pressure herself. Bhavani says she will recognize her problem as a mom who wishes her daughter to get greater attention, however that is their own circle of relatives difficulty and they may determine who will carry out pooja. Ashwini says Sai defeated loss of life and received lifestyles with Bappa’s benefits and consequently she have to carry out aarti. Samrat says Ashwini is right, they don’t forget every body as identical on this house. Omkar murmurs that they don’t don’t forget every body identical on this house. Panditji asks Sai and Virat to return back ahead and carry out pooja.

After pooja, Chavan own circle of relatives deliver Ganpati idol out making a song and dancing for visarjan. Nind asks Virat to searching for some thing he wishes in Bappa’s ears. Omkar scoffs to searching for a few intelligence for his spouse. Everyone frown listening to that. Sai says he’s right, she is turning into a medical doctor and consequently calls for quite a few intelligence. Everyone smile listening to Sai’s answer. Virat prays Bappa to satisfy Sai’s needs and if Sai desires to move farfar from him, he have to satisfy her call for with out hurting her as he can’t see her in trouble. Sai prays Bappa to satisfy Virat’s call for as she were given a worrying aayi/Ashwini due to Virat, he have to satisfy Virat’s request if he desires to become independent from her. Pakhi prays Bappa to make Virat recognise that she is a first-rate preference for him and he made a mistake via way of means of selecting Sai. Samrat prays Bappa to now no longer show his choice of giving his marriage 2nd extrade and make it a hit for his own circle of relatives’s sake. Virat then lifts idol and immerses in water, acting visarjan.

Chavan own circle of relatives then serves prasad to brahmins. Pakhi brings prasad. Bhavani takes prasad from her and tells Sai that in keeping with own circle of relatives rule, all bahus put together prasad, however due to the fact that Sai didn’t assist this year, she have to serve prasad. Sai serves prasad to brahmins and takes their benefits. Pakhi burns in jealousy and attempts to depart. Vaishali stops her and says he can recognize her feelings, Sai took her right. Pakhi says Sai has grow to be every body’s favored as she is Virat’s spouse, its unexpected to recognize that Ashwini is retaining Virat and Sai in separate rooms. Vaishali asks how can a husband and spouse live separately. Pakhi says they are able to while there isn’t a husband and spouse’s dating among them.

Virat returns to his room and freshens up. He imagines Sai smiling in the back of him and thinks he’s lacking Sai a lot that he’s imagining her everywhere. He then attempts to examine book. Sai walks to him and waves. He thinks he’s day dreaming. Sai asks why he’s behaving weirdly with her. He asks now no longer to a bore him as he is aware of she isn’t here. Sai asks what occurred to him. He says he’s imagining him like a actual man or woman and asks her to depart earlier than he opens his eyes. She pulls his nose. He asks if she is actual. She says yes, why is he behaving weird, she is aware of he can’t tolerate her. He says he didn’t imply that. She thinks he doesn’t need her to be in his room. He asks what’s she doing here. She says she can be able to move if he has a trouble with her. He says she will go to this room every time she desires to, he intended she have to relaxation after straining herself complete day. She says she feels satisfied in his room. He thinks if aayi modified her choice and authorised Sai to return back here. Sai asks in which is he misplaced. He makes her take a seat down and says he wasn’t misplaced however turned into questioning if she can be able to live once more in his room.

Precap: Sai tells Virat that Bhavani requested them to live in separate rooms, however husband and spouse live in identical room as in keeping with his bestfriend Pakhi. She asks how are they associated now. Pakhi sprinkles pooja water on them uninformed.


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