Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadanand clashes with Virat and falls down. Virat is bowled over to look his college buddy. Sada runs away. Sai shouts at Sada. Constables tell Virat that he become desired crook Sada Pawde. Virat runs in the back of him, catches him, and says he’s his nice buddy Virat. Sada runs away seeing constables coming. Sai recollects seeing Sada’s image and realizes he’s Virat’s university buddy. Virat runs in the back of Sada once more and corners him, however he throws dirt in his eyes and escapes. Sai asks Virat if he become his buddy Sada. Constables ask if a terrorist is Virat’s buddy. Sai says he become his university buddy and now no longer now.

Ashwini returns domestic with Virat and Sai. Bhavani asks if she didn’t carry diwali items for them. Ashwini says she couldn’t carry items because.. Pakhi begins offevolved spilling venom and says she did looking for Virat and Sai and that they ought to be satisfied with Sai and Virat’s happiness. Sonali yells next. Karishma sees gold field and excitedly opens it to locate it empty. Pakhi seeing jewelry in Virat and Sai’s arms and maintains her poisonous remarks. Virat says they coudn’t store due to him. Sai says Virat met together along with his vintage buddy in a mall. Pakhi remarks he might have gossiped together along with his nice buddy and added his new bestfriend to him and wasted time. Virat angrily warns her to prevent and walks away fuming. Ashwini explains that Virat met his university nice buddy Sadanand Pawde who used to go to their domestic for diwali and has end up a desired terrorist now. Sonali recollects Sada traveling them ultimate in the course of diwali years ago. Pakhi feels responsible for hurting Virat. Sai receives a letter and smiles.

Virat speaks to commissioner over telecellsmartphone and informs that he didn’t understand terrorist Sada is lively in Nagpur. Commissioner says Sada become lively in Gadchiroli and surround areas, however now with few criminals’ investment have become lively even in Nagpur. Virat exhibits that Sada become his university nice buddy however parted methods due their ideological variations and crook sports, he determined approximately his terrorist sports in the course of Gadchiroli posting. He feels helpless and sheds tears. Sai walks to him. He says he connects nicely handiest together along with her greater than everybody else. She asks now no longer despite Sunny. He says Sunny is his nice buddy and constantly helped him, however he connects together along with her greater than him; he noticed his vintage buddy Sada nowadays and after locating his crook sports found out that a crook and a cop can’t be friends. Sai says its now no longer his fault that Sada selected a incorrect route. He says he desires to give an explanation for Sada that he’s on a incorrect route and try and alternate him. She suggests him university readmission letter. He says they ought to exit for dinner to celebrate. She says after buying and family’s taunts, she doesn’t have area left in her stomach, they are able to have inexperienced tea aleven though at their adda tonight. He agrees. She feeds him meals forcefully.

After sometime, he walks out of his room whilst Pakhi stops him and says she wishes to speak as he ordered her now no longer to go into his room. He confronts her for tryig to humiliate Sai constantly. She apologizes for speaking sick approximately his nice buddy Sada. He says she constantly badmouths approximately his different nice buddy Sai, she hurts him whilst she hurts Sai. She says he’s concerned approximately his spouse and nice buddy and now no longer approximately her. He asks why she drags herself in everything. She asks why is he looking to seperate him from her. He says they may be separate. She asks what approximately his promises. He says they may be nevertheless friends, however he can’t forgo the connection that’s constructed after she married Samrat; he lifted her whilst she met with an accident. She thinks Sai separated them even there. He says he become together along with her whilst she were given nightmares approximately Virat, what else she wants. She thinks she desires to be with him constantly. He says her different needs will by no means be fulfilled.

Precap: Sai in the course of her tea celebration with Virat on terrace tells Virat that she will be able to describe her and Aaba’s tales until they end up vintage. He asks if she might be with him until their vintage age. She laughs and is going aside. Pakhi spies on them and receives tensed whilst Samrat returns and watches her spying. Sai says Pakhi become lacking Samrat. Samrat asks Pakhi what become she doing right here right now and why become she going close to Virat.


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