Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sadanand notices Virat hiding and recollects his glad days with Virat and Sunny. He feels unhappy that his brotherlike pal is in the front of him and he can not even hug him and specific how plenty he misses him. He receives a name and leaves. Ashwini takes Sai and Virat to their own circle of relatives jeweler’s keep and introduces Sai to jeweler. Jeweler suggests couple jewelry ordered via way of means of Ashwini. Sai says she ordered couple jewelry for herself and baba, how romantic. Sai says its for them. They asks what become want for it. Jeweler informs that they’re heavy jewelry as he brought 12 g greater gold than she gave him. Sai asks why did she sacrifice her gold. Ashwini says generally a female offers her earrings to her daughter or DIL, so its Sai’s proper and they could have fun their friendship day with it. Jeweler insists them to alternate jewelry proper there as though its their engagement again. They hesitate, however agree and alternate jewelry. Ashwini claps for them. Jeweler asks her to go to his keep often. Sai name callings that he desires to lighten her baba’s wallet. He says he didn’t imply that and gives a pair ring box. Sai says she wishes separate boxes. He says its a present day tradition. Virat says he’s old skool and desires 2 boxes. Sai thank you him.

Sadanand passes via way of means of earrings keep and meets professor. Police involves arrest him. Sai and Virat’s nok jhok starts. Sai walks on escalator in contrary direction. Virat asks her to prevent otherwise she might also additionally harm herself. She excitedly asks him additionally come along, her receives caught and he or she calls Virat for help. Virat switches elevator. She walks down and emotionally hugs him.

Sadanand meets professor and asks why did he name him here. Professor says its clean to execute their plan among mob. Sadanand asks his packet. Professor says he couldn’t set up it. Police searches for Sadanand. Sadanand asks Professor what he ought to do next. Professor asks him to move underground for some days and now no longer attempt to kill navy or policeman as he might also additionally get into trouble. He sees constables and indicators him.

Virat and Sai then keep garments in a shop whilst Sai sees a toddler and tells Virat that toddler isn’t taking note of her. He name callings her and says toddler female is just too cute. She says toddler is a boy and he or she heard his mother and father calling him Aditya. He says he desires a female as there are best boys of their residence besides Devi and he receives glad seeing Harini. She praises his revolutionary questioning and says even her Aaba desired a daughter. He says even Kamal sir become had revolutionary questioning, he’s going to deal with her like a son. Sai says they’ll deliver her all of the rights given for a son. He asks their toddler? Ashwini returns and asks whose female they’re speaking approximately. Sai modifications subject matter and says they’re speaking approximately that toddler. Boy’s mom offers him to Virat. Virat contains toddler well. Mother asks howmany kids they’ve. Sai says none. Mother says seeing Virat dealing with toddler so well, she idea even they’ve a toddler. Sadanand clashes with Virat and falls down. Virat is stunned to peer him after many years.

Precap: Virat arranges Sai’s books in his room and discusses approximately her moving returned to his room; he similarly discusses approximately a person’s reentry in his lifestyles and fears dropping Sai due to him.


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